30 November 2023

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for honor

For Honor Year 7 Season 4, Treason, Begins on December 7

A new season of For Honor kicks off on December 7, bringing back the holiday-tradition Ice Brawlers mode as well as a free Event Pass, a new Battle Pass, a makeover for The Gauntlet map, and more. Titled Treason, Year 7 Season 4 mixes Yule cheer and bloody horror as the Highlander Maddox betrays the chief of a Viking village, siding with the invading Horkos and slaying those who oppose him.

Maddox’s betrayal is reflected in The Gauntlet map, which has been changed to bear the scars of his takeover of the village. The gruesome examples he’s made of the warriors who opposed him contrast starkly with the decorations and festive lights of the Yule season. Players can also re-create the events of Maddox’s betrayal in the returning Ice Brawlers game mode – available for a limited time, from December 7-28 – in which two teams of two players battle on a frozen lake that’s continually cracking, threatening players with certain doom if they fall into the icy water. Ice Brawlers is accompanied by the free Forsaken Oath Event Pass, and players who participate from December 7-28 can earn a new Battle Outfit, mood effect, ornament, and season-themed weapons.

The Year 7 Season 4 Battle Pass includes new Battle Outfits, ornaments, mood effects, and more that reflect the theme of Maddox’s treachery. Players can also grab the Y7S4 Battle Bundle, which grants access to 100 tiers of rewards and unlocks your next 25 tiers of progression. And those who really want to embody the theme can unlock a Hero skin for the Highlander of Oathbreaker Maddox himself.

[UN] [FH] Y7S4 Reveal - Hero Skin IMG

Players who haven’t yet unlocked the Highlander will be available to try – along with the Warlord and the Warmonger – during their respective Hero Fests, events during which players can try a Hero for free for a week. The Highlander’s Hero Fest runs from January 4-11, the Warlord’s is from January 11-18, and the Warmonger’s begins on January 25 and concludes February 1. Each Hero will also be available to purchase at a discount during their respective Hero Fest. (A unique execution is also released for purchase at the start of each Hero Fest.)

Testing Grounds returns as well, available from December 14-21 with a focus on the Peacekeeper, Medjay, and Highlander Heroes. Two Throwback Events are on the way as well: Realistic Elimination begins on December 28, and Justice of the Pharaohs starts on January 18.

For Honor is available now for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC (via Steam, the Epic Games Store, and Ubisoft Connect), and is included with a Ubisoft+ subscription. For more updates, keep an eye on Ubisoft News.

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