December 17, 2020

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Gather ‘Round for Good Times with Family-Friendly Ubisoft Games

Everyone talks about quality family time, but what does that mean, really? It means it’s the perfect time to demonstrate your mastery of the medium of videogames and proudly stand tall as you defeat each family member one by one. Maybe your uncle thinks he can take the crown in a Just Dance dance-off? Heck no, you got this! Maybe grandma thinks she can get the drop on you in a game of Kung Foot in Rayman Legends? Who do you think you are, grandma? A hearty guffaw to that. Perhaps your parents think a game of UNO will put you in a corner? No one puts you in a corner. Whether you’re able to play together in the same room or online, we’ve got these and a few other suggestions for some family-friendly fun from Ubisoft.

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Uno Ultimate Edition

[UN] News - Family Games Holidays - Uno

You may love every member of your family now, but will you love them when they throw down the skip card before it’s your turn? Needless to say, UNO matches can be intense, and you can experience it all in UNO Ultimate Edition, which includes the original UNO as well as UNO Flip and its game-changing Flip card. Naturally, it’s got a little bit of Ubisoft flavor as well, with special decks themed after Just Dance, Rayman, and Rabbids to spruce things up.


Just Dance 2021

[UN] News - Family Games Holidays - JD21

This may very well be the perfect family game. For one thing, it’ll help you lose some of those excess calories, but on top of that, it’ll get your family up to speed on all the coolest new dance moves and music, with over 40 new tracks. Up to six family members can play cooperatively for fun or competitively to see who can get the best dance score, but in either case, you might want to make sure everyone limbers up before taking on some of the more challenging routines. Once you’ve plowed through all the songs in the game, a free month of Just Dance Unlimited is also included, giving you and your family access to more than 600 songs.


Monopoly Plus

[UN] News - Family Games Holidays - Monopoly Plus

If dancing isn’t your family’s idea of a fun activity, might we offer counting money? Get ready to give your digital digits a workout counting (fake) money from savvy real estate purchases in Monopoly Plus. The game features three living boards and the ability to change the rules to suit your family’s playstyle (or select from one of six house rules chosen by the Monopoly community). It features online play so you can (fake) bankrupt your family from a safe distance. But really, we all know the true battle in Monopoly begins with selecting your board piece – dibs on the race car.


Rayman Legends

[UN] News - Family Games Holidays - Rayman Legends

Some might say spending time with family can be its own adventure, but we have some better options. Let Rayman Legends transport you and three family members to a cooperative journey through more than 80 levels of a vibrant and surprising mythical world. If you like what you see but want something more sporting, Rayman Legends includes a competitive mode called Kung Foot, which is like soccer, but imagine a shorter pitch and being able to score on a single kick from one side – it’s chaotic fun.


Family Feud

[UN] News - Family Games Holidays - Family Feud

What happens when you ask 100 people to give answers on a seemingly mundane topic? You get a bunch of hilarious and sometimes very questionable answers. Just like the popular gameshow, Family Feud pits teams against each other to find out who can guess the best answers. Along with the classic mode, Family Feud features a Party Battle mode where families can be broken up into teams for local multiplayer, as well as a Couch vs. Couch online mode, and The Live Show option that lets you broadcast your game to viewers and play with your extended family.


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