October 31, 2023

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Ubisoft Halloween: Our Favorite Spooky Quests

It's Halloween, a time when ghosts, witches, zombies, and other monsters come out to play. From the Viking age to a futuristic, dystopic London, here are five of our favorite spooky missions in Ubisoft games to celebrate the holiday.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla - Lady of the Lake

[UN][Corp] Halloween - Favorite Spooky Quests - AC Valhala

Lady of the Lake is a mission for anyone who's yelled "Don't go in there!" at a character investigating in a horror movie. In the southwestern border of Glowecestrescire, you'll find a strange woman in white singing a haunting melody by a misty lake filled with corpses - including one hanging upside down on the side of a locked cabin. Speak to her, and the door to the cabin will fly open, giving you access to the witchy horrors and deadly trap that lies within. The quest has all the elements of gruesome folk horror, including a seemingly innocent woman to lure you in, dismembered humans, and (if you read the note inside the cabin) a hint of cannibalism.

Rainbow Six Siege - Doktor's Curse 4: Night of the Hunters

Welcome to the fight between Hunters and Monsters, where Attackers (Hunters) and Defenders (Monsters) are whisked into the Doktor's dilapidated mansion for a terrifying game of Hide and Seek. In this game mode, there are no firearms; instead, Hunters have tracking abilities and a modified version of Sledge's Hammer, while Monsters can lay traps and temporarily turn invisible. Oh, and all Operators have themed skins to up the spooky factor, like a fanged goblin, a feathered plague doctor helmet, horned  devil visage, and more. Doktor's Curse 4: Night of the Hunters is a limited-time event running through November 3, so dive in now to claim your free Doktor's Curse Collection Pack featuring one cosmetic item from this frightful event.

Watch Dogs: Legion - Coming Home

[UN][Corp] Halloween - Favorite Spooky Quests - WD Legion

Though Coming Home starts off somewhat innocuously (breaking into Skye Larsen's home and finding her lab), it quickly devolves into an unnerving Frankenstein-meets-AI story. Once you find the key to her lab, instead of labcoats and a sterile environment, you find an entire biome and cottage. As you explore, the house's AI system will show you some of the horrors Skye concocted in her pursuit for technical innovation, the least of which is uploading her dog's consciousness into a Spiderbot. As things escalate from there, it only gets creepier, making you wonder if technological advancements are worth it if the cost is one's humanity.  We already knew Skye was a villain, but Coming Home shows new depths of the horror she is capable of.

For Honor - Theater of Bones

It's time to reap the rewards - or consequences - of the Wu Lin Ghost Festival that started on September 14. The White Bone Spirit has taken the souls of the warriors who ate the Festival offerings and forces them to perform in her theater of illusions. In this PvE game mode, players will fight with the Monkey King Wukong through five phases of undead enemies before finally facing the White Bone Spirit herself. This Halloween event only runs through November 16, so play now and fight for the return of the warrior's souls.

Far Cry 5 - O'Hara's Haunted House

[UN][Corp] Halloween - Favorite Spooky Quests - FarCry 5

O'Hara's Haunted House is a prepper stash located in Hope County near the Henbane River, where Perk Magazines, cash, ammo, and crafting supplies await anyone who can brave the maze of jump-scare horrors within. To enter, you just need to find a way to turn on the electricity, and haunting, broken music will begin to play. Inside is cramped and dim, your path peppered with mannequins made to look like menacing Angels, hungry wolves, threatening butchers, and more. Eventually, you'll come to the well-lit attic where the stash is located, where all signs say you're finally safe - except for a red balloon floating in the corner.

You can get all of these games and their spooky sidequests by visiting the Ubisoft Store, or access premium editions through a Ubisoft+ subscription. Learn more about For Honor's Theatre of Bones event here, and stay tuned to Ubisoft News for more updates.

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