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December 12, 2020

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immortals fenyx rising

Immortals Fenyx Rising – What To Look Forward To

Immortals Fenyx Rising is available now, but that’s just the start of Fenyx’s adventure. As seen in the Post-Launch trailer below, there’s plenty more on the way, including new gameplay challenges, fun-filled quests, and even a brand-new Chinese mythological setting and story to explore.

Today we want to share a bit more detail on the Season Pass content, Hermes’ Heroic Tasks Board, Immortal Credits, and Premium Store options. With Immortals Fenyx Rising, we allowed ourselves to take a deep dive into stories that helped shape the world we are in today. We have more stories to tell, with new challenges, heroes, worlds, and threats.


Available on all platforms, players can choose to further extend their Immortals Fenyx Rising experience with the Season Pass, giving access to three DLCs and an exclusive quest; the latter available now and the subsequent DLCs releasing periodically in early 2021. From the start, we wanted to use the post-launch period to showcase how much Immortals Fenyx Rising has to offer by expanding the universe and gameplay experiences and exploring new worlds that connect to the main game.


In this quest, available now, Fenyx, with the help of Hermes, will learn how to predict the future using Apollo’s magic rocks. As you can imagine, things won't go exactly as planned: Apollo is unreachable, and the rocks are heavily guarded. But it’s nothing a hero like Fenyx can’t overcome! Players who complete this quest will get access to a unique mount for Fenyx, the Spring Pegasus.


As Fenyx, take on the legendary trials and challenges posed by the god of Olympos themselves to change the Greek Pantheon and fulfill your destiny.


Play a brand-new story inspired by Chinese mythology, where you'll encounter new gods and fight new monsters in a distant land as Ku, a new hero.


Experience a new top-down exploration perspective and brawler-style combat! Meet a new hero, Ash, embarking on an epic journey to reunite the Greek gods.


Looking for a challenge? At the Hermes’ Heroic Tasks Board, located at the Hall of the Gods, all players may complete epic tasks to help the gods rally against Typhon and earn some exclusive rewards.

Complete Heroic Tasks and progress through each of the four categories to earn various resource rewards, such as coins of Charon, Adamantine shards, gear, and more. These tasks will challenge you to defeat perilous foes, roam the world to find chests or resources, and complete daring world puzzles. Also, those cursed vaults you’ve been putting off will have to be completed, so there is no turning back. Up for the challenge?

Hermes also offers Live Tasks to all players, and completing these Daily and Weekly quests will gift Elektrum, a currency that can be spent on a weekly selection of cosmetic items and resources at the Fleet-Footed Merch shop. One particular set of tasks that will challenge your reflexes are the chrono-timed vault challenges. But there’s a catch: You will need to complete these vaults with a pre-set challenge restriction, such as no stamina regeneration, no double-jump, or no weapons. Ready to take these on?


In Immortals Fenyx Rising, all in-game store items are cosmetic-only and completely optional. Players can mix and match different pieces – helmet, armor, wings, mount, companion, axe, sword, and bow – to build their own look. These items can also be purchased with Elektrum (mentioned above) at the Fleet-Footed Merch.

Have fun! Don’t forget to share your hero’s style online using @FenyxRising, and keep an eye on our Immortals Fenyx Rising news hub for the latest.

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