July 9, 2019

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e3 2019

Star for a Day—The Ubisoft Star Player Program

The Star Player initiative began as a way to give back to some of the biggest fans of our games and show them some love and appreciation. The program has evolved and grown since its inception, and now hundreds of people from different countries, cultures and backgrounds can call themselves Ubisoft Star Players! You may have heard of them before, but we're here to give you the lowdown on the program and what it means to be a Star Player.

**Star Players enjoying our E3 conference in 2018**

What is a Star Player?

Star Players are people who have taken great strides within their communities and created a positive impact on the fan base. This can take many forms; previous Star Players have ranged from fan artists, streamers, cosplayers, board moderators and many more. These are the people who tirelessly create content, help to enrich a game's community and do so in a positive and constructive way. In short, they rock!

What is the Star Player program?

The Star Player program is a way to give back to fans who offer their time, expertise and passion to the community. Players from around the world are invited to events like Gamescom and E3 for a VIP experience they couldn't get as a member of the public attending these shows. They are able to feel the excitement of the conferences first-hand, try out new games and content before most others, and meet the people who make the games they love.

But the program is so much more than just a nice experience for fans; the invitees have helped form part of live shows, , and also helped contribute to tackling important community topics. At this year's E3, the Star Players took part in a workshop on how to combat toxic behavior in games, information they can use to take back to their communities to share the tools needed to deal with a tough situation. They also get to meet the creators of the games they love and provide direct feedback from their communities as well as their own thoughts.

**Just Dance Star Players on-stage at E3 2019**

What does it mean to be a Star Player?

Star Players bond with each other over a love of games, but not only the games they are most passionate about. Long-term friendships have been forged, even resulting in some "Star Couples" who met through being invited on the program. This is a big reason it has evolved from a one-off invitation and into a relationship between the players and Ubisoft. Star Players meet for events in their cities, they organize online game nights and connect around the world—and best of all, the previous star players are ready to celebrate the welcome new members as soon as they're selected.

One of the exciting parts of the program is sending out the invites and seeing people react on live streams. To make this even more of a celebration, former Star Players and program organizers raid the streams when the invitations are sent out to congratulate new additions to the ‘family'. It's an emotional moment for many, made more poignant by the feeling of community from previous Star Players.


How can you be a Star Player?

There is no formula for being selected, but there are certainly things you can do to raise your chances. Our dancers dance, our streamers stream, our moderators moderate and they do it all because they love the games and communities that they are part of. No matter what, Star Players are supportive, provide feedback and embody a positive influence for thousands of players who benefit from what they do. Want to be a Star Player? Just be your best self!

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