January 19, 2021

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the crew 2

The Crew 2 Season 1 Episode 2: The Hunt -

Our next free update - The Crew 2 Season 1 Episode 2: The Hunt - will be available to all The Crew 2 players on January 20, including on Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation5.

It includes a new take on our Chase game mode, vehicles, as well as the brand-new Episode 2 Motorpass available right from launch. As ever, we’ll continue to roll fresh live content out to the game on a regular basis thereafter – vehicle drops, LIVE Summits, vanity items, and more!

[UN] [News] The Crew® 2 Season 1 Episode 2: The Hunt - TC2 INFOGRAPHIC EP2


As you know, Motorflix’ Season 1 features a mysterious outlaw group – The Masked – who attempt to steal from private bank Vault Corp.

In Episode 1 you starred as a member of Vault Corp’s Interception Unit, attempting to take the outlaws down in high-octane Street Race and Hypercar events. But for Episode 2: The Hunt, the outlaws are heading off the beaten track…

This time, you play the lead driver of Vault Corp’s specialist off-road Enforcer Unit!

[UN] [News] The Crew® 2 Season 1 Episode 2: The Hunt - tc2 the hunt screenshot 960x540 364184

You’ll be able to discover 8 new PvE Chase events, split between the Rally Raid and Rally Cross disciplines. Five events will be available at launch, followed by one new event every two weeks.

You can access the events via a dedicated tab in the Activities menu, via the game map, or directly in the RR and RX categories. Please note that you will also need RR and RX Enforcer Unit vehicles to play the events, which brings us smartly to:


You’ll need Enforcer vehicles to do Vault Corp proud off-road, and we have a couple up for grabs in our latest Shop additions.

Available right from the get-go on January 20, the Ford F-150 SVT RAPTOR EVO1 Enforcer Unit (2010) brings some serious oomph to the Rally Raid discipline.

[UN] [News] The Crew® 2 Season 1 Episode 2: The Hunt - TC2 Ford F150 SVT RAPTOR Enforcer Edition

Not to be outdone, the Rally Cross discipline is fielding another behemoth in the Cadillac ESCALADE Enforcer Unit (2018).

[UN] [News] The Crew® 2 Season 1 Episode 2: The Hunt - TC2 Cadillac Escalade Enforcer Edition

We also have a number of newcomers outside of the seasonal theme, starting with the Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4 (1994) in the Street Race discipline, and the Ram 1500 Rebel® TRX Concept (2017) in Rally Raid.

[UN] [News] The Crew® 2 Season 1 Episode 2: The Hunt - TC2 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4

[UN] [News] The Crew® 2 Season 1 Episode 2: The Hunt - TC2 Ram 1500 Rebel TRX Concept

All of the above vehicles will be available for purchase in Bucks or Crew Credits, on January 20. Keep your eyes peeled over the following weeks and months for even more vehicle drops, and of course our usual new vanity item rotations.


With a new Episode, comes a new Motorpass! Here’s a taster of what it offers:

[UN] [News] The Crew® 2 Season 1 Episode 2: The Hunt - TC2 INFOGRAPHIC EP2 MOTORPASS

As a reminder, the Motorpass is an optional multi-tiered reward system, that players can progress through by completing Daily and Seasonal Challenges. There are 50 tiers in total, which offer both Free and Premium Rewards, and we feature a new Motorpass for every Episode.


For the competitors out there, the latest batch of LIVE Summits begins on January 20 with The Hunt.

[UN] [News] The Crew® 2 Season 1 Episode 2: The Hunt - TC2 THE HUNT SUMMIT 960x540px ALT

It’s also our first Premium LIVE Summit of Episode 2, with the Rally Raid Hummer HX Concept Enforcer Unit (2008) up for grabs as a Platinum reward!

[UN] [News] The Crew® 2 Season 1 Episode 2: The Hunt - TC2 Hummer HX Concept Enforcer Edition

Be sure to check The Crew Hub regularly to track your progress.

As usual, January 20 is just the beginning! Content drops and themed weeks will continue to offer regular, fresh new experiences as Episode 2: The Hunt progresses.

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