Rainbow Six Siege

March 16, 202012 Min Read

Rainbow Six Siege Creative Director on Cross-Gen Play and Major Operator Reworks

Get Leroy Athanassoff’s insights on the Year 5 plans for new gameplay in the Prep and Support Phases, the player reputation system, and creating fresh and fun arcade events.

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March 10, 20204 Min Read

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Void Edge Out Now

Year 5 Season 1 kicks off with two new Operators, Iana and Oryx, and a reworked Oregon map

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March 3, 20202 Min Read

Play Rainbow Six Siege For Free From March 5-8

Pick up the Base, Deluxe, Gold, and Ultimate Editions of the game for up to 70% off.

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February 25, 20205 Min Read

Rainbow Six Siege – Highlights From the Six Invitational 2020

US team Spacestation Gaming claimed victory as fresh talents emerged during this year’s tournament and fan fest in Montreal.

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February 16, 20202 Min Read

Rainbow Six Siege Years 5 and 6 Plans Revealed

New Operators are on the way, along with new gameplay updates and a shift in how future content will arrive.

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February 15, 20205 Min Read

Rainbow Six Siege – Operation Void Edge Operator and Map Guide

Defender Oryx can charge through breakable walls, Attacker Iana can control her holographic clone, and the Oregon map is being reworked.

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January 24, 20202 Min Read

Rainbow Six Siege – Clash of Nations Competition Begins in Germany

German, Austrian, and Swiss players go head-to-head at DreamHack Leipzig starting January 24.

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January 21, 20203 Min Read

Six Invitational 2020 Kicks Off February 7

Rainbow Six Siege’s biggest tournament of the year features 16 professional teams, a preview of Year 5, and the Creators Cup competition for charity.

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January 15, 20202 Min Read

Rainbow Six Siege – Road to Six Invitational Event Returns With Battle Pass

Play Bomb matches amid bulletproof glass walls in the new Stadium map, and unlock new rewards via the free or premium Battle Pass tracks.

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December 30, 20195 Min Read

Rainbow Six Siege – NaVi’s Captain Kendrew Discusses The Past, Present, and Future of the Team

Instrumental in Natus Vincere’s recent success story, Luke “Kendrew” Kendrew opens up about his esports journey and mindset leading up to the Six Invitational 2020.

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