19 July 2021

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inside ubisoft

Ubisoft Creates New Global Publishing and Direct-to-Player Groups

With more than 3 billion people in the world now playing video games, players’ expectations and needs are increasingly diverse and the market is increasingly dynamic. Beyond the technological advances pushing them forward, games are offering us new forms of entertainment and expression, introducing us to new friends, transporting us to new worlds, and creating shared, memorable moments of fun and joy. And as video games continue evolving, so too is Ubisoft, including in the way the company organizes itself to address new audiences, markets, and players’ needs.

Ubisoft recently formed two new groups: the Direct-to-Player group, headed by Laurent Detoc, and the Global Publishing group, headed by Alain Corre. From a Ubisoft game’s earliest days in development to when you’re playing it at home, this reorganization of our teams will allow them to work more closely and efficiently than ever before and collaborate on a global scale. This will have a big impact behind-the-scenes on how our teams operate, and, more importantly, it means we will be able to adapt and respond to our communities all that much quicker.

The Direct-to-Player group will oversee both Ubisoft+ and the Ubisoft Store while working closely with the Ubisoft Connect team to ensure these services are all delivering what you expect from us. Your continued feedback on these services will be crucial in their growth and determining how we can work together to improve them.

The Global Publishing group will be unifying Ubisoft’s marketing efforts, working even closer with our production teams to ensure we’re aligned globally in how we show off our games, and utilizing your feedback earlier and more often to make our games better than ever. Eight executive publishers will oversee this global strategy, and Ubisoft is currently recruiting for those positions now. These are big structural changes for a number of Ubisoft team members who are part of these new groups, but we are committed to not only maintaining our headcount but to better leverage the talents we know we have, positioning them in a way that empowers them with the information they need to make the right decisions in a shorter amount of time and on a global scale.

We’re excited to see what these new groups can accomplish and the benefits you’ll see in both Ubisoft’s games and its services.