17 January 2024

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Gangsters of the Seas, The Skull and Bones Podcast Hosted By Michelle Rodriguez, Out Now

On January 15, Ubisoft kicked off the official companion podcast to Skull and Bones, titled Gangsters of the Seas. Hosted by Michelle Rodriguez (Fast & Furious, Avatar), the eight-episode series will release weekly and adds historical context to the upcoming game’s fictional narrative – which is inspired by the very real Golden Age of Piracy on the Indian Ocean. Each episode of Gangsters of the Seas tells the story of a real pirate from the Golden Age of Piracy, like William Kidd, Thomas Tew, and Henry Every, recounting how they rose to power and left their mark on history, often through violent and dubious means. Gangsters of the Seas is the fourth season of the Echoes of History podcast, produced by Paradiso Media, and is available on all audio platforms.

On February 21, the high-seas adventure continues with the release of the Skull and Bones: Savage Storm comic and The Art of Skull and Bones artbook. The former, written by John Jackson Miller and James Mishler, takes readers on a gritty pirate adventure set in the same merciless world of the video game, where the merchant vessel The Sylvia encounters the fictional pirate kingpin John Scurlock and Admiral Rahma. The latter showcases detailed character designs; concept art for the world, factions, and ships; and never-before-seen art of life on the high seas. Additionally, Sang-Pitié, a French graphic novel, releases on April 17, detailing the revenge quest of the pirate captain Dalal, whose uncle killed her father and stole her ship and crew.

Skull and Bones releases on February 16 for Xbox Series X|S, PS5, Amazon Luna, and PC via Ubisoft Connect and the Epic Games Store, and you can get access to the Premium Edition with a Ubisoft+ subscription. Pre-order your copy at the Ubisoft Store today.

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7 March 20243 mins de lecture

Valiant Hearts: Coming Home and Valiant Hearts: The Collection Out Now for PlayStation, Xbox, Switch and PC

The collection, which includes both The Great War and Coming Home, tells the stories of people in World War I.

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18 January 20245 mins de lecture

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown Out Now

Dive into Sargon’s adventure through a time-cursed mythological world starting today.

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15 January 20245 mins de lecture

Ubisoft+ évolue : Voici ce qui vous attend

Aujourd'hui, parallèlement au début de l'accès anticipé à Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown sur Ubisoft+, les offres d'abonnement Ubisoft changent de nom.

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2 November 20234 mins de lecture

Ubisoft au Service de l'Éducation : L'Exemple des Micro-Folies

Depuis 2021, Ubisoft collabore avec les Micros-Folies, mettant des contenus numériques au service de la démocratisation de la culture.

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