7 March 2024

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Valiant Hearts: Coming Home and Valiant Hearts: The Collection Out Now for PlayStation, Xbox, Switch and PC

Valiant Hearts: Coming Home and Valiant Hearts: The Collection, which includes Valiant Hearts: The Great War and Valiant Hearts: Coming Home, is now available on Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and PC through Ubisoft Connect. Valiant Hearts: The Great War, the first installment of the duology, interweaves the stories of five characters as they experience the horrors of World War I. Karl, who was expelled from France and drafted to the German army; his father-in-law Emile, who has been drafted into the French army; Freddie, an American volunteer in the French Foreign Legion; Anna, a French combat nurse; and Walt, a medic's casualty dog - who also helps players sneak into areas inaccessible to humans.

Valiant Hearts: Coming Home, previously an exclusive Netflix mobile game developed by Ubisoft Montpellier in partnership with Old Skull Games, continues a dramatic narrative during World War I, once again focusing on four interconnected stories. James is a member of the historic Harlem Hellfighters looking for his older brother Freddie; the nurse Anna's returns to her work tending the wounded; Ernst is a German diver; and George is a British aviator. And, of course, the good dog Walt returns to help players with puzzles and exploration. Music plays an important role in the game as well, as the Harlem Hellfighters played a key role in introducing jazz music to Europe, and players can listen to the game's jazz soundtrack by Jason Moran on music streaming platforms.

Ubisoft Da Nang worked on bringing Valiant Hearts: Coming Home to PC and consoles, a decision that was made for multiple reasons: one, for the dedicated community of players who had long been requesting the additional platforms; two, to bring the stories to even more players; and three, to create the Valiant Hearts: The Collection bundle, which would allow players to dive into both stories. Ubisoft Da Nang first opened its doors in 2020 and primarily works on mobile titles, but developers enjoyed the opportunity to be one of the first studios in Vietnam to release a game on console.

"We had to forge our own path, navigating uncharted territory," says Nhi Ho, associate producer at Ubisoft Da Nang. "On the quality assurance side, this involved meticulous testing and adaptation to meet the specific requirements of each console."   

"One of my favorite parts of the project was working with the diverse cast of characters with various cultural backgrounds," adds Van Nguyen, QC tester at Ubisoft Da Nang. "Ensuring their portrayal aligns with their historical context was a thought-provoking aspect of the testing process that involved research, sensitivity, and attention to detail to guarantee respectful and accurate representation."

Valiant Hearts: Coming Home and Valiant Hearts: The Collection are available for purchase on the Ubisoft Store for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC through Ubisoft Connect. Both titles are also included as separate entities in a Ubisoft+ Premium subscription. For more on Valiant Hearts: Coming Home, check out how the game honors the history of the Harlem Hellfighters.

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7 March 20243 mins de lecture

Valiant Hearts: Coming Home and Valiant Hearts: The Collection Out Now for PlayStation, Xbox, Switch and PC

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