20 February 2024

2 mins de lecture

rainbow six

Rainbow Six SMOL is Out Now for iOS and Android

It's a smol world after all in Rainbow Six SMOL, out today for iOS and Android devices exclusively for Netflix members. This top-down isometric roguelite shooter is a tiny, funny, whimsical take on the Rainbow Six universe. Players control a Rainbow recruit who leads a squad of Operators on different missions to defuse bombs, free hostages, and crush bad guys. Each recruitable Operator has their own weapons, passive bonuses, and unique abilities, and it's up to players to build a squad tailored to the mission at hand.

There are five game modes in Rainbow Six SMOL,  as well as 10 factions of enemies, ranging from the dragons to scary demons to gun-wielding humans. To win, players will need to keep in mind the objective and enemy types they'll be facing, as well as cater to their own playstyle. Stealthy players may want to take advantage of Valkyrie's recon abilities, while brash players will want Sledge's hammer to crush everything in its path, and use a van to wreck everything left. (Oh, by the way, everything in this world is destructible - think Rainbow Six Siege's destructibility cranked up to 11 and nothing is safe.)

After each successful mission, players get to go back to HQ with XP and in-game credits to spend on unlocking new weapons and upgrades. However, if the enemies win, the player's recruit will die forever, and they'll need to get a new one and start from scratch. Losing is not recommended.

Netflix members can play Rainbow Six SMOL today on iOS and Android devices.

Plus de Ubisoft

7 March 20243 mins de lecture

Valiant Hearts: Coming Home and Valiant Hearts: The Collection Out Now for PlayStation, Xbox, Switch and PC

The collection, which includes both The Great War and Coming Home, tells the stories of people in World War I.

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18 January 20245 mins de lecture

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown Out Now

Dive into Sargon’s adventure through a time-cursed mythological world starting today.

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15 January 20245 mins de lecture

Ubisoft+ évolue : Voici ce qui vous attend

Aujourd'hui, parallèlement au début de l'accès anticipé à Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown sur Ubisoft+, les offres d'abonnement Ubisoft changent de nom.

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2 November 20234 mins de lecture

Ubisoft au Service de l'Éducation : L'Exemple des Micro-Folies

Depuis 2021, Ubisoft collabore avec les Micros-Folies, mettant des contenus numériques au service de la démocratisation de la culture.

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