19 September 2023

1 mins de lecture

corporate updates

Ubisoft Connect PC Beta's Rollout is Complete

Back in June, we unveiled the all-new Ubisoft Connect PC Beta rolling out gradually throughout the summer. Today, we're happy to say all PC players can jump in and test it out. This version of Ubisoft Connect PC was built from the ground up to meet your needs, improve usability, and enhance your experience while playing games.

If you haven't tried it yet, go ahead and click the toggle switch at the top right of your desktop app to switch to the Beta version.

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We've worked on several improvements in the past three months, and there's more in our pipeline. As we expand Ubisoft Connect PC, we're continuously looking for feedback. Please don't hesitate to switch to the new version every now and then (or just keep using it!) and let us know what you think: Ubisoft Connect PC Beta Feedback Form.