27 March 2024

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rainbow six siege

Rainbow Six Siege Containment Event Returns with New Cosmetic Items

The seasonal event for Rainbow Six Siege's Operation Deadly Omen is now playable, as Containment returns from today through April 17. Inspired by the Archaean invasion in Rainbow Six Extraction, Containment casts the attackers as Team REACT and outfits them in special biohazard gear to take on the defending Proteans, who are transformed into monstruous mutants by an alien parasite and must defend their nest. The special event game mode plays out at nighttime on the old Consulate map. Players can acquire the event's unique cosmetic looks in Containment Collection Packs; one free pack will be granted to anyone who logs in while the event is running and packs can also be purchased with Renown or R6 Credits as well as earned by completing weekly challenges.

In Containment, the REACT attackers retain their usual loadouts and abilities, while the Protean defenders have no weapons; they use their increased speed and vicious melee attacks to strike down attackers, and can burst through walls using a version of Oryx's Remah Dash. The REACT team must take out two objectives before the main objective - the nest - becomes vulnerable. Attackers can win by destroying the nest, Defenders by protecting it until time runs out, and either side can win by completely eliminating the other.

New Protean cosmetics are available for Bandit and Mozzie, while new REACT bundles have been added for Hibana and Zofia. Plus, Sens and Ram are now playable as Attackers, though they do not have REACT cosmetics. All of the Operator cosmetics from the previous run of the Containment event are once again available as well.

Rainbow Six Siege is included with a Ubisoft+ Premium subscription, and is available now on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC (via Epic Games Store, Steam, and the Ubisoft Store), and Amazon Luna. For more on Rainbow Six Siege, read our Operation Deadly Omen Operator and Gadget Guide.

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