22 March 2024

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the settlers

The Settlers: New Allies Gears of Prosperity Update Brings New Buildings, Gameplay, and More

Gears of Prosperity, the new free content update for The Settlers: New Allies, is out now. The update adds new buildings, gameplay features, and balancing updates to the real-time settlement building strategy game. Read on for a full list of all the new features:

New Gameplay Feature - Gadgets

Gadgets are limited items that grant players consumable powers. Four gadgets have been added:

  • __Boom Drill: __Accelerates the extraction of underground deposits by unearthing multiple ores.

  • __Smokescreen: __Provides temporary invisibility to stationary military units. Effect stops once they move or attack.

  • __Emergency Alarm: __Provides 18 temporary citizen guards that are very weak outside of their own territory.

  • __Mechanized Training Dummies: __Instantly finishes the recruitment process or spawning timer for all recruitment buildings or residences in range.

New Buildings

Water Well - Water is used in all classic recipes and has new uses in research. Farm, Bakery, and Ranch now all take an additional input of water to produce.

Finesmith - the Finesmith produces Gears from Iron Bars, Coal, and Gold Ore. Gears replace gold as the recruitment cost for Faction Units.

Decorative Buildings - These ornamental buildings brighten up the look of any settlement. They are cheap to build, have low health, and offer no competitive advantage.

Workshop - Workshops are used create different Gadgets, including the ones mentioned above.

  • Gadget costs vary by type.

  • Gears are always part of the cost.

  • Gadgets have a maximum storage of charges, regardless of the number of Workshops or Warehouses built.

  • Gadgets have a long production time.

Balancing Highlights

  • Population limit for all 1v1 casual and PvP maps is increased to 999.

  • Farms can no longer be placed near the coast.

  • Replaced Advanced Alchemy with Defense Draughts, a new research option for Alchemists/Shamans/Mystics.

  • Added a second rank to Focus Crystals

  • Engineer vision range increased from 3 to 5.

  • Recall cooldown increased from 15 minutes to 20 minutes.

The Settlers: New Allies is available now on Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Amazon Luna, and PC through Ubisoft Connect. A Ubisoft+ Premium subscription includes access to the Deluxe Edition, which includes the Deluxe and Explorer packs as well as the main game.

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