13 October 2022

2 Min Read

for honor

For Honor’s Halloween Event Brings Co-Op Mode and Full Crossplay

For Honor's newest Halloween-themed event, Web of the Jorogumo, begins on October 20 and runs until November 10. In addition to the new spooky content it brings, the event also marks the rollout of the second and final phase of For Honor's cross-platform support. With the new update, players will be able to team up with friends on any platform.

The Web of the Jorogumo event adds a new PvE co-op game mode that takes place on a haunted variation of the Market Town map. Up to four players must work together to escort an NPC Meiko, capture points, fight possessed samurai, and battle through Jorogumo's sticky webs to reach the frightening conclusion.

In addition to the new mode, players can earn exclusive rewards, including an Effect, a Battle Outfit, and Ornaments. New themed items will also be available in the in-game store for the entire event, including Executions, Outfits, a Paired Emote, and more. Finally, a new Kensei Hero Skin, Yokai Slayer Meiko, will also be available on October 20.  

Title Update 2 also brings new armor variations to all players, as well as gameplay improvements and updates, like the ability to skip all notifications after a match. Starting on November 10, a Hero Fest for Highlander will be live until November 17 while Shinobi will have a Hero Fest from November 24 through December 1. During a Hero Fest, specific Heroes are free to play, have a unique execution added, and are available for a discounted Steel price.

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