7 September 2023

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for honor

For Honor Year 7 Season 3, Deceit, Launches on September 14

For Honor’s new season, Deceit, is coming on September 14, and the atmosphere is about to get otherworldly. Year 7 Season 3’s story opens with the Ghost Festival, a Wu Lin celebration to honor the dead with offerings and performances. When starving warriors invited by the Wu Lin nobles disregard the warnings of their hosts and steal some of the forbidden food offerings left for the departed, a mysterious illness begins to take hold as dusk falls.

From September 14 to October 5, the Ghost Festival brings a new Event Pass: Ghost Rites. Also available at season launch for players are a new Battle Pass, Battle Bundle, and more. In addition, the Belvedere map will adapt to the seasonal theme. Players can take part with the Y7S3 Battle Bundle, which grants access to 100 tiers of rewards and unlocks the next 25 tiers of progression. Year 7 Season 3’s Battle Pass will include new battle outfits, ornaments, and more that reflect the Ghost Festival theme. Players can participate in the Ghost Festival event from September 14 to October 5 to earn a mood effect, an ornament, a Battle Outfit, and season-themed weapons.

Year 7 Season 3 will also feature Hero Fests – during which players can try a Hero for free for a week – for Kensei, Shugoki, and Warden. Players can also buy these Heroes at a discount during their respective Hero Fest. A unique execution is also released at the beginning of each Hero Fest. The Shugoki Hero Fest will also coincide with the Throwback Event: Visions of the Kyoshin, which will be available from October 12-19.

[UN][FH] Year 7 Season 3 Reveal - IMG 1

This new season will also bring back the Testing Grounds from September 14 to September 21, focusing on the Highlander Hero. Starting on September 14, the Reflex Guard will be removed for all assassin Heroes to create a more user-friendly combat system by equipping all Assassins Heroes and one Hybrid Hero (Shaolin) with a Static Guard. The Heroes affected by this change are Peacekeeper, Gladiator, Orochi, Shinobi, Shaman, Berserker, Nuxia, and Shaolin.

For Honor is available now on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC via Steam, the Epic Games Store, and Ubisoft Connect, and is included with a Ubisoft+ subscription. For more on the game, check out the Ocelotl Hero and details on the Performance Mode update for consoles, and keep an eye on Ubisoft News.

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