8 September 2023

2 Min Read

rainbow six siege

Rainbow Six Siege Sixth Guardian Bundle Supports Cancer Research

Since the launch of the Rainbow Six Siege’s charity program – the Sixth Guardian – in 2020, Ubisoft and the Siege community have raised over $425,000 in support of numerous partners. This year, Sixth Guardian is partnering with Worldwide Cancer Research to fund cancer research by introducing the new Sixth Guardian Health bundle featuring a full set of cosmetic gear for the intel-gathering, gadget-disabling Twitch (including uniform, headgear, background card, and charm). 100% of the net proceeds from bundle purchases will go to Worldwide Cancer Research.

[UN][R6S] Sixth Guardian Charity Bundle Out Now - Thumbnail

“Cancer is a growing, global problem. Since Worldwide Cancer Research was founded in 1979, we have funded over £200m of pioneering research in 35 different countries, but there are still so many unanswered questions about cancer, and so many more discoveries to make. Ubisoft and the players of Rainbow Six Siege share a common desire with Worldwide Cancer Research to pioneer innovations and take a calculated approach to potential game-changing solutions. We’re absolutely delighted to be partnering with them on this campaign, and we are incredibly grateful for their support.” said Dr. Helen Rippon, CEO of Worldwide Cancer Research.

Learn more at the Worldwide Cancer Research official site, and catch up on the latest season of Rainbow Six Siege with our Operation Heavy Mettle Operator and Gadget Guide.