19 September 2023

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Our Favorite Quests in Ubisoft Games

From fighting the Templar Order in Assassin's Creed to thwarting a corrupt digital information system in Watch Dogs, from goofy limited-time events in Rainbow Six Siege to self-deprecating quests in Far Cry, there are a lot of weird and wild quests throughout Ubisoft's back catalogue of games. Here are nine of our favorites, all of which can be yours today at the Ubisoft Store or with a Ubisoft+ subscription:

Assassin's Creed - Defense of Masyaf

The Defense of Masyaf mission comes relatively early in Assassin's Creed. Altaïr has just returned from a failed mission to retrieve a strange artifact from beneath Jerusalem, only to find the Assassin base at Masyaf under attack from the Templar Order. Though the Templars overrun the town, the Assassins are able to hold the fortress and release a trap, ultimately killing a large portion of de Sablé's army and causing the rest to retreat. In the process of achieving victory, players get to perform the first ever Leap of Faith in the Assassin's Creed series. Historically, the Leap of Faith is portrayed as an act of reckless devotion, but here is used as a trick to sneak behind de Sablé's forces. It's an action that has remained a defining staple throughout the franchise.

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Far Cry 5 - Quiet on the Set

Deep in the Henbane River region of Hope County, players can find quite an odd setup for a world supposedly prepping for the apocalypse. Famous movie director Guy Marvel is trying to make his next cinematic masterpiece, Blood Dragon 3, but there's too much noise for him to roll the cameras. In Quiet on the Set, players will help Guy by destroying the sources of the noise (a truck blaring its horn and trucks blasting music, respectively) and eventually protect his set from Angels that attack. It's also filled with references to and quips about the Far Cry franchise ("Blood Dragon 3 will be a masterpiece! Seriously, it has to be. I can't go back to working on s*** like Far Cry!"), making it a meta experience for players.

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Assassin's Creed II - Assassin's Tombs

Technically, the Assassin's Tombs are six side quests in Assassin's Creed II which you explore different tombs around Italy, but completing all six will grant you the Armor of Altaïr, one of the more recognizable outfits in the game. Each tomb provides a parkour playground for players, as well as puzzles to solve and new areas to unlock as they search for the statue marking a past Assassin's final resting place. Once players have collected all six Assassin seals from the tombs, they can unlock the Sanctuary beneath Ezio's villa in Monteriggioni, giving them access to the armor set.  

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Immortals Fenyx Rising - Our Dearest Inventor

Immortals Fenyx Rising is full of side quests for players to discover, marked by blue question marks on the map - but there are also several hidden quests. One is Our Dearest Inventor, which can be unlocked only after completing all Myth Challenges with the recordings left by Daidalos, architect of the game's setting. Not only does completing this secret quest reward players with the Wings of Dawnlight Revels skin, it also regales players with the history of the Golden Isles, where the game takes place.

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Watch Dogs - No Turning Back

In an unforgettable two-part mission, Watch Dog's No Turning Back is a standout mission packed with stealth, technological attacks, and loss. After receiving an audio file from fellow hacker T-Bone, protagonist Aiden decides to go on the offensive and take out mob boss Lucky Quinn by infiltrating his hideout at the Merlaut Hotel (fun fact and potential spoiler: it's possible to hack a pacemaker). However, after Aiden finishes his mission, he finds out someone he cares about is in danger, and must race to save her. It's a turning point for Aiden and the story, and one that leaves a mark on the player.

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Far Cry 3 - Father's Burden

Whether you've come to Far Cry 3 to take out scores of bad guys, help locals in need, or just want to play some Texas Hold 'em, Father's Burden is the side quest for you. There's a man named Seto in Thurston Town who wrecked his boat and had his three most valuable possessions stolen by pirates, and he needs you to get them back. This quest will have you playing cards to recover a gambler's debt, stealing from a drunk, and finally killing a privateer.

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Ghost Recon Breakpoint - Hear No Evil

Hear No Evil is a main mission in Ghost Recon Breakpoint that has you chasing down Flycatcher, one of the game's four Wolf lieutenants. At the end of the first chapter, the quest will have players talking to civilians to gather intel, infiltrating enemy bases of operations, sneaking through tunnels, using infrared lighting, and, at the end of it all, taking out one of Ghost Recon Breakpoint's big bosses. Successfully killing Flycatcher will give players both the necessary intel to continue the story and some powerful new gear.

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Assassin's Creed Valhalla - Degolas the Beautiful

The world event Degolas the Beautiful is available relatively early in Assassin's Creed Valhalla. In Grantebridgescire, you'll come across a child whose home and father, Degolas the archer, have developed an unbearable stench. You have to clear out the home of the smelly crates (whose stench is so bad that Eivor, the mighty wolf-kissed viking warrior, will start taking damage and pass out if they stay inside too long) and force Degolas to take a bath. It's a short but fun mission, and you can walk away knowing you've left a piece of England just a bit cleaner for through your efforts.

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Watch Dogs 2 - $911

Exposing police corruption? Destroying a drug ring? Breaking an innocent man out of Alcatraz? Say less. Watch Dog 2's $911 side quest has everything players could want in a Watch Dogs game, from hacking the ctOS network to gather intel, stealing cars (and ambulances), laying traps - and, of course, undermining ctOS - the oppressive city-automation/mass-surveillance system - at every turn. Plus, while the side quest is fun in and of itself, players will also get 320,000 followers (which in Watch Dogs 2 function like experience points), the Capone wiseguy hat, and the Capone pinstripe slacks as a reward for completing it.

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Rainbow Six Siege - Rainbow Is Magic

Rainbow Six Siege may not have side quests in the traditional sense, but it does have weekly and community challenges and limited-time events like Rainbow is Magic, a colorful and sparkly game mode centered on a fluffy teddy bear. In the first two iterations of the event, the Attacking squad had to rescue Mr. Bear from the Defenders holding him hostage. This year, Rainbow is Magic introduced the game mode Bop the Teddy, during which teams have three minutes to attack and KO their opponents' Mr. Teddy. Whatever form it takes, Rainbow is Magic is a fun and silly twist on an otherwise very serious tactical shooter.

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Check out all these games and more on the Ubisoft Store or with a Ubisoft+ subscription, and be sure to add games you want to your Ubisoft Store Wishlist today.

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