2 July 2024

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XDefiant Season 1 is Out Now - 5 Major Updates You Need to Know

XDefiant Season 1 is out now. The free-to-play, fast-paced arena shooter's first full season includes a host of new updates (in addition to free pre-season updates like the inclusion of the Team Deathmatch game mode) for all players on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Ubisoft Connect. Read on to learn more about the five major updates coming this season.

New GS Kommando Faction

Inspired by R6, the GS Kommando faction brings added protection, area control, and area defense to XDefiant. GS Kommando's passive trait (along with their snazzy helmets) gives them immunity from the headshot multiplier, meaning that even a direct headshot from a TAC-50 sniper rifle won't be enough to down them on full health. Players can choose between an Active Defense System (ADS) or Shock Wire for their activated ability. The former nullifies all enemy throwables within its range, while the latter can be laid down to slow and damage enemies caught within it. GS Kommando's Ultra sees them pull out the G52 Tactical Shield, providing defense and the ability to blind nearby opponents with a devastating flash.

Ranked Playlists

Season 1 introduces Ranked play to XDefiant. Unlike the Unranked Playlist, Ranked features skill-based matchmaking and allows you to fight it out against opponents of your same skill level. Win, and your rank will increase; lose, and it will decrease, but individual performance is taken into account. Being the top scorer on the losing team will mean you're penalized less for a loss, and likewise, being the lowest scorer on the winning team means you won't get as much credit as the match MVP. At the end of the season, you'll earn unique rewards based on your rank. 

New Game Modes

At the start of Season 1, players will have access to the new Capture the Flag game mode in Unranked Playlists (Ranked Capture the Flag will be introduced at a later date). Later in the season, XDefiant will introduce Bomb, a new one-life mode where one team attempts to plant a bomb while the other tries to deny/defuse it.

New Weapons

Three new weapons are making their way into XDefiant in Season 1. The LVOA-C is a new assault rifle that features better handling and a faster fire rate than the M4A1, but at the expense of a shorter range and increased recoil. The L115 sniper rifle acts as a middle ground between the fast-but-weaker M44 and the slow and powerful TAC-50. Finally, the sawed-off shotgun is a new secondary weapon that gives players a deadly close-quarters weapon with limited shots.

New Maps

Three new maps are coming to XDefiant in Season 1. The new Clubhouse map is available now, with its own dedicated Playlist so you can get familiar with it quickly. Inspired by the R6 map of the same name, Clubhouse features a familiar indoor layout with expanded outdoor areas that will be new territory for even the most seasoned R6 players. Later in the season, two more new maps - Daytona and Rockefeller - will launch as well.

If you haven't jumped into XDefiant yet, Season 1 is the perfect time. For all your XDefiant news and updates, be sure to check out the .

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