15 December 2022

2 Min Read

mobile games

Clash of Beasts Major Update Available Now

Clash of Beasts has been completely revamped in a new update, titled Awakening, which is available today for the free-to-play mobile PvP strategy game. The new update adds the ability to attack with up to four beasts at once (instead of just one), as well as new story chapters and campaign maps that expand the world of Veren.

In Clash of Beasts, you are a mercenary with a Beastmaster spark, giving you the power to control beasts and their abilities. Each beast has its own unique fighting class, magical ability, and affinity, and it's critical to balance your team's skills to earn a victory. You must collect and train these beastsand use them to attack enemy strongholds while building your own fortress to withstand attack from others. The beasts' affinities are ties to an elemental god that grant specific powers, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Gaia, the goddess of nature and life, will easily overwhelm Theras, the goddess of water, but will quickly be consumed by Vorm, the god of fire.

Clash of Beasts is available to download now on Google Play and the App Store. For more information, please visit https://www.clashofbeasts.com/, follow Clash of Beasts on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, and join the official Discord server.