23 January 2024

1 Min Read

Starpets Early Teaser Features Older, Wilder Rabbids

An early teaser for Starpets, a new animated series in development by Ubisoft Film & Television, released yesterday, featuring an older and wilder version of the Rabbids. The two-minute teaser features a stop-motion-inspired animation style, and was animated in VR using Quill software. In the trailer, intergalactic emperor John LeDouche threatens to destroy a planet inhabited by cute talking bunnies.

In Starpets, LeDouche learns of a prophecy from his mother, the Oracle. According to the prophecy, a Chosen One will soon end LeDouche's tyrannical reign. But as the Chosen One is about to die, 25% of his brilliant brain is transferred into a Rabbid's body, and our hero Ken is created. With the help of Queen Maya, Ken will try to save the Rabbids and the universe.

This sci-fi comedy for young adults was created by director Stéphane Berla (The Boy with the Cuckoo-Clock Heart). Starpets is being written by French comedy star Eric Judor (Represent, Weekend Family) and his long-time collaborator Hafid Benamar. Judor will also voice some of the main characters.

For more on Starpets, check out ComicBook's interview with producer Hugo Revon and stay tuned to Ubisoft News.