12 June 2023

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ubisoft forward june 2023brawlhalla

Brawlhalla: Combat Evolved Epic Crossover Coming July 12

During Ubisoft Forward, Brawlhalla announced that its next Epic Crossover, Brawlhalla: Combat Evolved, will arrive on July 12. Get ready to redefine the boundaries of heroism with the Master Chief, a Spartan supersoldier whose determination and resilience have inspired generations of players, and the Arbiter, a legendary alien warrior known for his unyielding tenacity and unmatched combat skills. The Master Chief is an Epic Crossover for Isaiah, and will use the SPNKr Rocket Launcher and Magnum Pistols, with a little help from Guilty Spark for his signature attacks. The Arbiter is an Epic Crossover for Sidra, and uses the Fuel Rod Cannon and Energy Sword to fight off his enemies.

Brawlhalla recently celebrated reaching 100 million lifetime players with an in-game event. For more updates on the Brawlhalla: Combat Evolved Epic Crossover, stay tuned to Ubisoft News.