17 November 2023

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This Week at Ubisoft: Assassin’s Creed Nexus VR Launches, New Rainbow Six Siege Season Announced

This week at Ubisoft, Assassin's Creed Nexus VR launched for Meta Quest devices; the Rainbow Six Siege team announced Operation Deep Freeze; The Crew 2 kicked off a new season called MAD; Anno 1800 announced 3.5 million worldwide players; and the Ubisoft Store's annual Black Friday sale began. Check it all out and more in this week's roundup of Ubisoft news.

Assassin's Creed Nexus VR Out Now

Assassin's Creed Nexus VR launched on November 16 for Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest 3, and Meta Quest Pro. The new adventure allows players to step into the roles of Ezio Auditore da Firenze, Kassandra, and Connor and parkour through open maps in Renaissance Italy, Ancient Greece, and colonial America. To learn more about how the team brought an authentic Assassin's Creed experience to VR, Ubisoft News spoke to Ubisoft Red Storm Managing Director Elizabeth Loverso and Creative Director David Votypka.

Rainbow Six Siege - Operation Deep Freeze Operator and Gadget Guide

Rainbow Six Siege's Operation Deep Freeze, the fourth season of Year 8, will bring a new Defender to the fold. Tubarão carries an MPX submachine gun and AR-15.50 designated marksman rifle, making him adaptable to whatever threat the Attackers pose. And his Zoto Canister gadget is capable of supercooling anything in its radius, slowing down Operators and disabling or pausing gadgets. Operation Deep Freeze also introduces the new Lair map, and a new Map Run training mode.

The Crew 2 MAD Out Now

[UN] [Multiple Titles] News - Weekly Recap Nov. 17 - TC2 MAD

The Crew 2 launched the MAD update on November 15, bringing a new stunt performer hobby, 18 new skills, new live weekly content, and more to the game. Players can also expand their garage with the 12 new vehicles and several returning favorites coming to the game. Some of the new cars include the Renault Maxi 5 Turbo (1985), the Peugeot 205 T16 EVO 2 (1984), and the Gordon Murray Automotive T.50s (2024), while returning vehicles include the Creators DeLorean DMC-12 Outadrift (1981), the Dodge SRT VIPER GTS Lightning Edition (2013), and the Mazda RX-3 Supercharged Edition (1972). Additionally, the newly implemented Race Creator tool has been updated, now allowing players to create offroad races and freely place checkpoints without road limitations.

Anno 1800 Celebrates 3.5 Million Players Worldwide

[UN] [Multiple Titles] News - Weekly Recap Nov. 17 - Anno 1800 Eldritch

On November 14, Ubisoft announced that the city-building strategy game Anno 1800 has reached 3.5 million players worldwide. Additionally, the Eldritch Pack, the game's 13th cosmetic DLC, is now available, bringing 19 new Gothic-themed ornaments and skins to your settlement. Whether you're placing the ruins of the Forgotten Abbey in a forest, raising the Statue of Lady Morningstar in your town square, or adding strange mists to your neighborhoods, the Eldritch Pack is ready to set the spooky mood.

Ubisoft Store Offers Big Discounts for Black Friday Sale

[UN] [Multiple Titles] News - Weekly Recap Nov. 17 - img

The Ubisoft Store kicked off its annual Black Friday sale on November 16, offering major savings on some of Ubisoft's biggest titles through November 29. Assassin's Creed Mirage is on sale for the first time ever, while The Crew Motorfest is available for up to 40% off, and you can get up to 80% off other titles like Assassin's Creed Odyssey, Ghost Recon Breakpoint, and more. Additionally, Rocksmith+ is offering a free 30-day trial for new users who sign up for or upgrade to the 12-month plan.

Ubisoft+ Spotlight - The Crew 2

(Editorial note: This is a series of quick weekly highlights written by Ubisoft News team writers that feature games available with a Ubisoft+ subscription. We hope you'll enjoy reminiscing with us, or perhaps discover something new.)

Brittany Spurlin, Writer/Editor: The open road beckons in The Crew 2 as you race across the United States on a journey to become the biggest racing icon in the world. An open-world racing experience, The Crew 2 pushes you to master four disciplines: Freestyle, Pro Racing, Street Racing, and Off Road. No matter what your driving style is, your experience in The Crew 2 is always customizable through one of its strongest features: the cars. Whether you prefer the sleek elegance of luxury vehicles, enjoy the rugged endurance of offroading options, or care deeply for the classics, The Crew 2 has over 500 different vehicles for you to collect and customize. You can also import your garage of vehicles into The Crew Motorfest if you haven't done so already.

Plus, the recently added (and long requested) Race Creator feature allows players to make their own custom races for others in the community to compete on. You'll have control over every element, including the starting point, checkpoints, number of laps, vehicle category, weather, and more.

You can play The Crew 2 Gold Edition, which includes the Legendary Motors pack, Motorsports Deluxe pack, and Season Pass, today with a Ubisoft+ subscription.

Game Updates

In addition to the MAD content, The Crew 2 implemented a number of bug fixes with the new patch update.

  • Shaka Rooftop is now centered on all vehicles

  • The navigation ribbon no longer goes out of the golden path on The Delivery event

All words now appear in the correct order

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