25 May 2023

2 Min Read


Ubisoft+ Adds Blasphemous and They Always Run

Ubisoft+ has added two new games to its growing library of indies: action-platformer Blasphemous and space-western platformer They Always Run.

[UN][STORE] May Indies - Blasphemous

In Blasphemous, dive into the gothic realm of Cvstodia, which has been overrun by gruesome monsters and deadly traps thanks to a curse known only as The Miracle. You play as The Penitent One, the only survivor of the Silent Sorrow massacre, and wield the sword Mea Culpa as you explore the world and fight to break the curse and end your eternal anguish. But beware - as you meet lost souls of Cvstodia, some will be your friend and freely offer help, but others will require something in return.

[UN][STORE] May Indies - They Always Run

Have you ever wanted to be a three-armed bounty hunter? They Always Run sets you on a galaxy-wide manhunt for dangerous and elusive criminals, where you play as Aiden, a mutant whose third arm lets you fight more enemies at once and perform special moves in combat. Collect bounties of currency and information with each completed mission as Aiden works to unravel the mystery of his past - and gets ensnared in a massive conspiracy in the process.

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