March 23, 2023

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far cry 5

Play Far Cry 5 in 60 FPS For Free Through March 27

Far Cry 5 is celebrating its fifth anniversary with a free weekend running now through March 27 on Xbox (Xbox Live Gold subscription required) and PlayStation (no need for any PSN+ subscription to access it) platforms, as well as PC through Ubisoft Connect and the Epic Games Store. Those on Xbox Series X|S and PS5 will be able to experience the 60 FPS patch released last week, making Far Cry 5 a smoother experience than ever before.

Explore Hope County and liberate it from doomsday cult The Project at Eden's Gate, whose leader Joseph Seed has imprisoned and isolated the community in the name of apocalyptic salvation. You can play Far Cry 5 solo or in co-op with a friend, and recruit in-game help with its Guns for Hire system. However you choose to play, be ready to deal with the consequences, as Far Cry 5 tracks the destruction you wreak on Hope County and adjusts the cult's response accordingly - the bigger the threat you become, the harder Joseph Seed and the Seed family leaders will try to bring you down.

If you decide to continue your mission in Hope County after the free weekend ends, now's your chance to get up to 85% off Far Cry 5 and its DLCs - check out the full breakdown of deals:

Ubisoft Connect: Now through April 4

  • 85% off Far Cry 5 (Standard and Gold Editions)
  • 70% off Far Cry 5 Season Pass and Hours of Darkness, Lost on Mars, and Dead Living Zombies DLCs
  • 67% off Far Cry 6 DLC Joseph: Collapse

Microsoft Store: Now through March 27

  • 70% off Hours of Darkness, Lost on Mars, and Dead Living Zombies DLCs
  • 85% off Far Cry 5 (Standard and Gold Editions), 70% off Season Pass
  • 67% off Far Cry 6 DLC Joseph: Collapse

PlayStation Store: Now through March 29

  • 85% off Far Cry 5 (Standard Edition)
  • 70% off Far Cry 5 Season Pass

You can dive into Far Cry 5's free weekend through March 27 Xbox Series X|S and PS5 with the new 60 FPS patch, as well as on Xbox One, PS4, and PC (through Ubisoft Connect. If you buy the game after playing during the free weekend, all of your progress will carry over to the full version. For more on Far Cry 5's anniversary celebrations, stay tuned to Ubisoft News.

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