September 12, 2018

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Uno Is Now Compatible With PlayLink For PS4

The PS4 version of Uno is now compatible with PlayLink as part of a free update, enabling players with the Uno PlayLink app to connect up to three smartphones to their PS4 and compete against one another locally.

The Uno PlayLink app works in four-player Classic Play, as well as with any number of game-changing House Rules that offer up twists on the standard game format.

Those looking to shake things up with House Rules can implement a variety of features. The Stacking rule, for example, accumulates Draw Two or Wild Draw Four cards if the next player plays the same type of card, which passes along the penalty to the next player. The 7-0 rule allows players to swap hands with another player whenever a 7 card is played, and forces all players to pass their entire hand to the next player whenever a 0 card is played. Jump-In lets players immediately play if they have an identical card to the one that was just played, even if it isn't their turn. Finally, Draw-To-Match forces players with no card to play to continue drawing until they can play a card.

Uno also lets players choose between different themes to give their matches a distinct feel. In addition to the standard Uno theme, players can select a quirky Rabbids theme or chilling winter theme.

The Uno PlayLink app is available now and head to the PlayStation Store to download Uno today. For more on Ubisoft games, check out our previous coverage.

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