March 5, 2019

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Ubisoft Club – February Highlights

Each month, the Ubisoft Club highlights all the new content, features, and challenges that our players take on. Here's a look at what went down in February.

What's new?

New Boosters and Time Savers To Help Players Surge Ahead

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We want you to thrive in our games, and the new Club Rewards can help enhance your experience. To that end, Ghost Recon Wildlands, For Honor, and Rainbow Six Siege will all reward players with new XP and Renown boosters by the end of March. It's time to level up and spend your Ubisoft Club Units.

As a reminder, some of your oldest Units might expire on March 31*. Need to check your Units balance? Have a look here:

February's Favorite Club Rewards

You need to be well-equipped to fight against Far Cry New Dawn's Highwaymen and their leaders, the Twins – and by "well-equipped," we mean packing serious heat, and maybe a nostalgic nod to Far Cry 5's hero. Meanwhile, Rainbow Six: Siege saw an influx of newcomers thanks to the free weekend, and they quickly figured out that they could redeem Rewards to get more Renown. (This also explains why Rainbow Six Siege's "Welcome to the Ubisoft Club" Classic Challenge was the most-completed in February.)

February Weekly Challenges

2.1 million Operators (across PS4, Xbox One, and PC) celebrated the Six Invitational and completed the Attackers Community Challenge. By destroying 15 Defender gadgets while attacking, players earned 2,000 Renown – putting them that much closer to unlocking the two new Australian Operators, Mozzie and Gridlock.

Want to stay up to date with your favorite Ubisoft games? Go to, or download the Ubisoft Club mobile app:

*Rules may differ by country; please refer to the FAQ.

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