March 16, 2022

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Brawlhalla’s Newest Legend, Arcadia, Available Now

Brawlhalla’s newest Legend is here: the Faerie Queen Arcadia. The 55th Legend to join the roster, Arcadia rules over the Fangwild with compassion, her war beetle Domo always by her side. Not only can she fly, but she also wields a Greatsword and a Spear in battle, each with three enchanted Signature moves. Here’s a breakdown of these special moves:

Greatsword Signatures

  • Side Signature – Arcadia slashes with her Greatsword and knocks her foes back. When the attack is fully charged, she hurls a swarm of magic in a full 360 spin that pushes her opponents back.
  • Neutral Signature – She holds her Greatsword above her head and then launches her opponent into the air, aided by her magic. When this Signature is charged, Arcadia will flutter her wings to summon her magic before leaping into the air as the magic twirls around her Greatsword.
  • Down Signature – Arcadia conjures a whirlwind of magic above her head and then sends it forward, trapping her opponents.

Spear Signatures

  • Side Signature – Arcadia summons Domo from underground, and the beetle rams opponents with its sharp horn. Domo then uses its horn to knock opponents into the air, so Arcadia can jump off and slash them with her Spear before Domo heads back underground.
  • Neutral Signature – Arcadia flutters her wings and charges up her magic, then sends a spinning attack at her opponent with her Spear. The hit sends her foe into the air, allowing Arcadia to land a second hit with her Spear, which launches her opponent up the air again.
  • Down Signature – She lifts and spins her spear to charge up her attack. Then, Arcadia leaps into the air and sends her magic down in a swirl that traps her foe.

Arcadia is available for 7,200 Gold, and players can purchase the Rogue Queen Arcadia, Carapace Armored Arcadia, and Briar Rose Arcadia skins for 140 Mammoth Coins each. To coincide with the Faerie Queen’s arrival, the Luck o’ the Brawl also launches today. The limited-time event offers a new skin for Isaiah, two Avatars, a KO Effect, three returning Legend Skins, and purchasable Lucky Clover Colors for all Legends in the Brawlhalla roster.

Brawlhalla is free-to-play on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, Switch, PC, and mobile devices. For more information on Brawlhalla, read about the recent G.I. JOE crossover or Brawlhalla’s Season 5 Battle Pass.

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