May 12, 2022

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rainbow six extraction

Rainbow Six Extraction – Nightmare Fog Crisis Event Available Now

Rainbow Six Extraction’s second Crisis Event is live, and it’s going to make you question what is real. Nightmare Fog is a free limited-time mode available until June 2, in which you and your team must venture into a dangerous purple haze to find and destroy the Toxic Tree generating the noxious fog. This fog causes Operators to hallucinate, and the longer you’re exposed to it, the more your Neurotoxin levels increase. Once those levels hit 30%, you’ll start hallucinating Archaean enemies, while very real Archaeans try to wipe out your team.

Like with Spillover, the first Crisis Event, players can unlock new REACT Tech – the Rush Pistol is a stim pistol that you can use on your teammates or yourself to give or gain a movement speed boost, as well as invulnerability for 15 seconds. Nightmare Fog also introduces the Prestige level system, in which players can earn additional XP with maxed-out level 10 Operators to rank up 10 new Prestige progression levels and unlock unique cosmetic rewards along the way.

To tackle this Crisis event, you and your team need to manage Neurotoxin levels and accomplish three objectives in three subzones covered in nightmare fog. It’s crucial to monitor and maintain your Neurotoxin levels to make it through each subsequent subzone. Starting at 30%, you’ll see and hear fake enemies rushing you. Once you hit 65%, you’ll also experience a mix of tunnel vision, motion blur, and distorted vision. Then, at 100%, you’ll also see deteriorating screen edges, and your HP will slowly drain. To decrease your Neurotoxin levels, keep an eye out for safe rooms on the map, which are clear of fog and contain Neurostim refill stations. One Neurostim shaves 35% off your Neurotoxin level.

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Some of the objectives you’ll encounter as you progress have a special Nightmare Fog twist. In the first subzone, players must complete one of the following objectives: Specimen, Nest Tracking, Triangulation, Hunt, or Shutdown. The second objective is a variation of Decontamination, where the aberrant nests are spread out over a larger area than usual. Completing this objective will make the Toxic Tree lose half of its health, and gives you a significant leg up on the third subzone objective: destroy the Toxic Tree.

Similar to the MIA rescue objective, destroying the Toxic Tree requires you and your team to shoot anchor points and their arch cells to drain the Toxic Tree’s energy. However, unlike in MIA scenarios, you will be attacked on all sides by waves of Archaeans while doing so. Once you’ve taken care of the anchor points, take down the Toxic Tree’s core to eliminate it, and the nightmare fog will disperse.

A new Protean has also been added to the main game – Protean Vigil, who plants explosive rooting mines, snipes with a heavy blow, and can make himself invisible, will make the Gateway objective even more challenging. Rainbow Six Extraction is available on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, PC, Amazon Luna, and Stadia, and is also included with a Ubisoft+ or Game Pass subscription. Read more about Rainbow Six Extraction’s post-launch content details and the previous Spillover Crisis Event.

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