December 13, 2018

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Ubisoft Honors Devoted Fans around the World with Star Player Program

The Ubisoft Club went on the ultimate world tour in September and October, bringing 47 new Star Players to events around the globe. Along with stops in Russia, Brazil, and France, the Star Players made their first-ever appearance Down Under at PAX Australia. At each event, Star Players had hands-on access to the latest Ubisoft titles and attended exclusive meet-and-greets with development and community teams. Check out the video below to hear from some of the Star Players themselves, and read on to learn more about the program from Star Player Program Coordinator Pierre-Olivier Luc.

What is the Star Player program and why is it so important to Ubisoft?

Pierre-Olivier Luc: The Star Player program is a way to thank our core fans through a special, one-time VIP experience at a videogame convention. It's an honor reserved for our best key community leaders. It aims to generate goodwill towards Ubisoft by building a sustainable, trusting relationship with our communities, allowing us to share the joy of gaming with our most dedicated players.

How has the program expanded over the years?

PL: The program started four years ago, with only a few events and a small group of Star Players. As our diversity in games evolved, our community groups also grew. We now have forum administrators, blog moderators, fan artist, streamers, and a lot more in all our games, and we've decided to reward them simply because they deserve it.

What has been the reaction from those who have participated in the program?

PL: Star Players are typically surprised, initially. Occasionally, they don't really understand why they've been selected, or they believe it's a scam, because they don't see how great their work is. Once the shock subsides, we aim to offer them an unforgettable experience. We start with having a very open and honest discussion with them, so they can tell us what we're doing well and how we can improve. On our side, we always appreciate the time we spend with them because they are very interesting and dedicated people with lots of varied personalities.

Do the development teams get a chance to interact with the Star Players? What does that mean to them to be able to have face time with the people they're making games for?

PL: We organize events called Masterclasses, where production teams can share their experience, participate in a Q&A, and show some exclusive contents of their games to the Star Players. It's great to see the excitement of our Star Players when they meet the developers that make their favorite games and the developers are often equally, if not more, excited to meet the Star Players.

For more on the Star Player Program, check out @UbisoftClub and visit

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