March 18, 2021

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Level Up Your Ubisoft Store Experience With New Features and Benefits

Did you know that the Ubisoft Store offers unique benefits like exclusive collector’s editions, merchandise, and a loyalty program, making it the best place to buy your Ubisoft games and gear?

Plus, with the new Wallet and Wishlist features, you’ll be able to make a list, get notified whenever there’s a sale, and purchase them quickly, securely, and easily.

Watch this video to learn more about the Ubisoft Store benefits:


Create a Wishlist

With the new Wishlist feature, not only can you save any items you you’ve had your eye on with a simple tap of the heart icon, but you’ll get a notification any time one of those items goes on sale.

UN News - Store Benefits - IMG 01

While browsing the Ubisoft Store, you can easily access your Wishlist via the heart icon located next to your cart.

UN News - Store Benefits - IMG 02

As an added bonus, you can easily share your Wishlist with friends and family, providing them with passive-aggressive suggestions of what to buy you for your birthday.

UN News - Store Benefits - IMG 03

Keep in mind that you’ll have to be logged in to access your Wishlist!


Now, making a list is all well and good, but how exactly do you buy something when you do get notified that it’s on sale? With a credit card? Like it’s the 1980s? No thank you.

Use Your Wallet

The new Wallet feature on the Ubisoft Store allows you to deposit money (using a credit card OR a PayPal account) into a safe and secure online wallet that you can use to purchase anything at the Ubisoft Store, or even within your favorite Ubisoft game.

UN News - Store Benefits - IMG 04

Have a few extra bucks laying around in your Wallet while you eye that Tachanka Elite Set in Rainbow Six Siege? Now you can pick it up without ever leaving the game.


Plus, if you ever change your mind or buy a game on accident, you can get a refund faster with the Ubisoft Store Wallet.

Of course, if you prefer to live in the past and buy things the old-fashioned way, that’s always an option.

Earn Club Units

Oh, and don’t think we forgot about that loyalty program we mentioned earlier.

Buying games at the Ubisoft Store means that you’ll earn one Club Unit for every dollar you spend.

Redeem 100 Club Units to earn a discount of 20% on the next item that tickles your fancy.*

UN News - Store Benefits - IMG 05


  • Not applicable on new releases, pre-orders, and virtual currency.

Plus, More Benefits Await!

Speaking of tickled fancies, did we mention that the Ubisoft Store is the only place to pick up exclusive Far Cry 6 Collector’s Edition that includes a freaking replica flamethrower?!

Head to the Ubisoft Store now to check out all the new benefits, and start adding games to your Wishlist now.


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