September 30, 2020

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Gear Up for School with Ubisoft Merch

The arrival of a new school year and a new season is a time of renewal; in this case, for your wardrobe and accessories. Freshen up your look with a variety of Ubisoft merchandise to help you show off your favorite games on your person (hats!), your desk (mugs!), or the side of your computer (stickers!). Check out some samples from a few of the merchandise categories on the Ubisoft Store, and be sure to click through and browse if you don’t see a particular game represented. There’s a lot more merchandise on the Ubisoft Store!


All products featured below are sold at the Ubisoft Store. Items in stock or available for pre-order at time of publication.

[UN] [News] Gear Up for School with Ubisoft Merch - Rabbids-Number-One-Backpack

Carry a laptop and books in style

Need a convenient way to stow and carry up to 44lbs of whatever people carry around these days between classes? Grab one of these water-resistant backpacks inspired by rebellious hackers, fearless commandos, and screaming cartoon critters of unbridled chaos. Embrace the subversive spirit of DedSec with the Legion Backpack, blend in with the wilderness of Auroa with the Ghost Backpack, or represent the Rabbids with the wacky yellow Number One! Backpack. Each one has a silky interior with a separate pocket big enough to fit a 15” laptop, and a hidden zippered pocket on the back of the bag to keep your valuables close.


[UN] [News] Gear Up for School with Ubisoft Merch - pin

Show your allegiance to the Brotherhood

Personalize your space and show the world that you’re no friend to Templars with stickers inspired by Assassins throughout history. Demonstrate Spartan pride with the Odyssey Crest Colored Sticker, or evoke the wintery spirit of the Russian Revolution with The Fall Crest Sticker. Celebrate the Assassins’ most daring aerial feat with the Leap of Faith Sticker, and ponder the shifting realities of the Animus – and the eagle-skull origins of the Assassin crest – with the Geometric Crest Sticker. Available in three different sizes, these stickers are made of high-quality vinyl to ensure they stand the test of time.


[UN] [News] Gear Up for School with Ubisoft Merch - FH-Valkenheim-Mug

Drink from the skulls of your enemies (OK, actually they’re just mugs)

Whether it’s for hot or cold drinks (or just a bunch of loose pens), a mug is always useful when you’re studying, and the stylish ceramic vessels available from the Ubisoft Store are great for making a statement, too. Show your love for For Honor’s Vikings with the raven-accented Valkenheim Mug, or indulge your sneaky side with a Sam Fisher-inspired Three Dots Mug. Start your day like a true Assassin by drinking from the bold Red Crest Mug, or go for the subtle sophistication of the Skell Technology Corporate Mug, available in 11oz or 15oz sizes.


[UN] [News] Gear Up for School with Ubisoft Merch - iq-mask

Cover up and show off

Your lower face and neck area have gone under-accessorized for far too long, and it’s high time you do something about it. Show off your disdain for Defender gadgets with this IQ Face Mask (select other Siege Operators also available), or bring a ray of bear-y colorful sunshine into your day with the Just Dance Dance Pandas Face Mask. You could also inspire some knowing nods (or serious side-eye, depending on where your friends’ allegiances lie) with the Assassin’s Creed-inspired Spartan Face Mask and Hieroglyph Face Mask.


[UN] [News] Gear Up for School with Ubisoft Merch - phoenix-hat

Top it all off

Hats. You know what they are. You know where they go. The only question is, what are some Ubisoft hats? Here’s one: the Division 2 Phoenix Snapback Cap! Wearing this does not constitute a commitment to respond to your nation’s need in time of crisis, but it does look cool. Stay on the cutting edge of simmering revolution with the Far Cry 6 Official Snapback Cap, or represent your retro gaming chops with the Ubisoft Retro Pom-Pom Beanie, available in muted black, grey, and blue, or spot-me-from-a-mile-away fluorescent yellow. Hi mom!


Remember, the items you see above are just the tip of the iceberg of what’s available at the Ubisoft Store (icebergs not available at the Ubisoft Store). Browse the site for a look at clothing, accessories, art, and more.


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