June 10, 2019

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For Honor – Shadows of the Hitokiri Event Brings New Mode, Customization Options

The Vikings, Knights, Samurai, and Wu Lin of For Honor have a haunting new way to do battle on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Soul Rush, a new limited-time mode introduced as a part of the now-available Shadows of the Hitokiri event, pits teams of Heroes against each other in a fight to collect the most souls by killing soldiers.

It's not simply a race to kill the most soldiers, however. Each Hero has their own stock of souls, which count toward their team's total, and Heroes can lose their souls if killed by an opposing Hero – who then steals a portion of their souls. Furthermore, downed players will lose their remaining souls on revive, and the only way for their team to salvage their remaining souls is to revive the downed player. Securing souls is crucial to victory, and both teams can deposit their earned souls in designated points on the battlefield, increasing their team's score. The first team to 1,000 points will push the opposing team into breaking.

Named after the terrifying new warrior — the Hitokiri — who joined the Samurai faction this season, the otherworldly Shadows of the Hitokiri event also introduces new Illustrious Outfits inspired by death gods, as well as new effects, an all-new emote, and more. There is one Illustrious Outfit available per faction, and each costs 20,000 Steel per Hero in the store. The new emote will cost 10,000 Steel. Neither the Illustrious Outfits nor the emote will be available as lootable items, but both will also be available as part of the Hitokiri Bundles. More information on the bundles can be found in the informational FAQ below.

[2019-06-10] For Honor – Shadows of the Hitokiri Event Brings New Mode, Customization Options - THUMBNAIL

What is the Shadows of the Hitokiri event?

Vikings and Samurai clash in Kaidan, a dark village believed haunted by Sakura's victims. Fight in Soul Rush—a special Event Game Mode—to get exclusive rewards available only during this event.

When does Shadows of the Hitokiri start and end on each platform?

Shadows of the Hitokiri will be live on PS4, Xbox One, and PC from June 10 at 1PM PT, to June 27 at 6AM PT.

What other activities will be available during the event?

In addition to Soul Rush, players can team up with other warriors to play the community challenge orders and win rewards. Once the goal is complete and the community challenge expires, players who participated will receive 2,000 Steel and a special symbol. Please note that you can still participate even if the goal is reached, as long as the challenge has not expired.

Furthermore, players can participate in weekly quests via the Arcade mode. In this new scenario, Ryoshi – town leader of Kaidan – was sentenced to death for murdering his family, and his demise brings a strange curse upon the village. Players are sent to root out the evil that lurks there.

Is there any special event loot?

Players can loot unique items during the event by playing the following game modes (PVP, PvAI and PM):

  • Soul Rush
  • Breach
  • Dominion
  • Tribute
  • Skirmish
  • Elimination
  • Brawl
  • Duel (only in PVP)
  • All available ranked modes

The following items can drop randomly at the end of all matches:

  • Battle Outfit: Secret of Kaidan
  • Ornament: Survivor of Kaidan
  • Idle Effect: Spirit of Kaidan
  • Emote Effect: Spirit of Kaidan
  • Execution Effect: Spirit of Kaidan

In addition, each of the 24 playable Heroes has one new weapon set made of three parts. One of these weapon parts may drop during any mode and in Scavenger Crates, as well as at the end of matches during the event. The weapons won't be available in the Shadows of the Hitokiri bundles.

Can I buy event content once Shadows of the Hitokiri is over?

Yes, you can still buy the Shadows of the Hitokiri Bundles until July 1 at 6AM PT. Only the Illustrious Outfit will remain available after the event is over.

What are Shadows of the Hitokiri Bundles?

Shadows of the Hitokiri Bundles (a 40,000 Steel value) will be available on June 10 at 1PM PT for 30,000 Steel each (one per Hero). They will be removed from the store on July 1 at 6AM PT.

Moreover, the price is calculated dynamically: If you own content already listed in the package, the price will be reduced according to the value of the content you already own. The Shadows of the Hitokiri Bundles will instantly unlock the following items for one Hero:

  • Illustrious Outfits: Morta's Faith for the Knights, Hel's Scion for the Vikings, Shinigami's Oath for the Samurais, and Yama's Court for the Wu Lins. 
  • Battle Outfit: Secret of Kaidan
  • Emote: Shadow of the Hitokiri
  • Idle Effect: Spirit of Kaidan
  • Emote Effect: Spirit of Kaidan
  • Execution Effect: Spirit of Kaidan
  • Ornament: Survivor of Kaidan

The For Honor team also announced during the Ubisoft E3 Pre-show that a spectator Mode will make its way into the game at a later date. For more information, check out our previous For Honor coverage.

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