October 16, 2019

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The Division 2 - State of the Game Recap: Title Update 6 Now Live

The Division 2 has released Episode 2, Title Update 6, bringing a host of new updates and features to all players, as well as new narrative missions. Community Developer Chris Gansler joined this week's State of the Game to take a closer look at what the update has added for all players, as well as to address issues that still persist for some players. A few highlights:

  • Title Update 6's launch went smoothly, and the team is continuing to improve the game based on player feedback.
  • Episode 2's narrative missions are live now for Year 1 Pass holders, and will be available on October 22 for all players.
  • The developers have released a sizable set of Patch Notes detailing the changes introduced in Title Update 6.

State of the Game streams every Wednesday at 8:00AM PDT on Twitch, Mixer, and YouTube. (To find out what was covered in the last episode, make sure to check out the previous State of the Game Recap.)


  • Thursday Maintenance is planned for this week.

TU6 Issues

  • The launch of the update went smoothly, and the developers are not seeing any game breaking issues right now.
  • The team made some back-end changes yesterday to address some of the disconnection issues some players were encountering, and are looking at further improvements.

Apparel Keys

  1. Standard Caches
  • The team is seeing reports that the conversion of key fragments and caches to the new Standard Cache Keys didn't work properly for some players.
  • They're looking into this right now and will post an update once all the details are sorted.
  1. Event Cache Keys
  • The conversion of Event Cache Keys to Standard Cache Keys has been disabled, as this process didn't work properly.
  • This forum post addressing the issue will be updated once the conversion is activated again.

Recalibration Score not increased to 150

  • Recalibration Score is currently capped at 101. Developers are working on this issue right now.
  • As previously stated, the goal was to increase Recalibration Score to 150, and that's still what the team wants to achieve with the fix.

Players can get stuck when fast-travelling or entering the Dark Zones

  • This issue was present on the PTS, and the fix that was developed hasn't stopped it from happening.
  • The developers are having trouble reproducing the bug, and encourage players who encounter it to share what they did (including their platform, hardware specs, etc.) before it happened on the forums.
  • Players who get stuck can restart the game, and their Agent will be free to move again.

Constant DZ Perks notification in the White House

  • The team is working on it.

Stage 4 of the Special Field Research for the Technician is not working properly

  • While the developers are investigating, some players have suggested it can be done by using a very strong Marksman Weapon to one-shot several targets in the shooting range on the easiest enemy setting.


  • Episode 2, Title Update 6 went live on October 15, and the developers are excited about players getting their hands on the gameplay, balance, and quality-of-life changes, as well as the new narrative content.
  • Early Access for the Pentagon Breach, The Pentagon, and DARPA Research Labs missions is live for Year 1 Pass owners. They also have access to two new Classified Assignments, Embassy and Marina. The narrative missions will be available to all players on October 22, although the Classified Assignments will remain exclusive to Year 1 Pass owners.
  • Specialization #5, The Technician, is also live now, and Year 1 Pass owners have it unlocked immediately. Players without the Year 1 Pass can unlock the Technician through the Special Field Research, available now.

Here's a high-level overview of which changes are live now:

  • Targeted Loot – The team is seeing a lot of players engaging with this feature, and the community likes it. The developers think this will really help players get the gear they're looking for, and also offer guidance on which activities to tackle.
  • Branded item sets have been filled out (including the 5.11 brand), with the goal of making it easier for players create new builds, while increasing build diversity.
  • New named items, with Perfect talents. The team encourages players to share their findings so that others can also get the named items they are looking for.
  • New exotic kneepads and a new High-End shotgun.
  • Gear sets have been improved, enabling players to get the benefit of a complete set with only four pieces, instead of six.
  • UI improvements for Inventory, Recalibration and Crafting. Players can now find all blueprints in the Crafting Bench, which will also offer hints on how to acquire them. Players can also now choose a color in the Apparel menu, and apply it to all their gear.
  • Crafting Materials have been overhauled, with a lot of caps and drops being increased. Players can now share materials between all of their Agents if they buy a specific perk from Inaya.
  • Return of Expeditions: Kenly College is open, and has received a Mastery System with a modifier that makes enemies drop live grenades when they die.
  • Normalization in PVP works differently, allowing players to fully utilize their recalibrated bonuses.
  • The team is very interested to hear feedback about the Dark Zone server transfer changes, which should make DZs more alive with fully capped 12-player zones. The developers encourage players to share feedback on how they perceive the Dark Zones after the update.
  • A new map, Wharf, has been added to the Conflict pool, adding a new location at an abandoned fishing harbor that offers raised vantage points and multiple flanking routes.
  • Team Elimination is a new mode added to Conflict, placing players in seven fast-paced rounds.
  • The Shepherd system has been updated, so that Shepherd players don't need to rely solely on manual endorsements from other players. Players have also found the Unicorn Backpack trophy.
  • Stash Space perks have been increased, allowing players to have 300 Stash Space overall. Mailbox capacity has been increased to 60.
  • Balance changes to talents, gear, and weapons for PVE and PVP.
  • Hundreds of bugs have been fixed.
  • Check out the Patch Notes for a bigger overview, and a deep dive into the balance changes.

Episode 2, Title Update 6 is now available for The Division 2 on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. For more on The Division 2, check out our previous coverage.

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