August 20, 20192 Min Read

Big Sale on Rainbow Six Siege, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Far Cry New Dawn and More

Save up to 90% off games at the Ubisoft Store through August 27 in celebration of Gamescom

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February 15, 20193 Min Read

Far Cry New Dawn Now Available On PS4, Xbox One, and PC

Build up your base, allies, and weapons to confront the merciless Highwaymen.

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February 13, 20192 Min Read

Earn A Special Twitch Drop During Far Cry New Dawn Launch Livestreams

Tune into select Far Cry New Dawn livestreams to earn the Space Force Vector .45 ACP in-game weapon.

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January 30, 20191 Min Read

Far Cry New Dawn Voice Actors Talk Villains, Consequences, and Baking Cookies

Greg Bryk (The Father), Leslie Miller (Lou), and Cara Ricketts (Mickey) offer a deeper glimpse at their characters and share stories about what happens when a villainous acting role bleeds into real life.

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January 29, 20199 Min Read

Far Cry New Dawn Composers on Creating a Post-Apocalyptic Soundtrack

Tyler Bates and John Swihart talk about their collaboration to create the “makeshift” sounds of superbloom-covered Hope County.

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January 23, 20195 Min Read

Far Cry New Dawn – Rescue, Craft, and Wreak Havoc In A Radically Changed World

Check out post-apocalyptic Hope County’s ramshackle weapons, new allies, and ample opportunities for destruction.

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January 15, 20196 Min Read

Far Cry New Dawn PC Specs and System Requirements Detailed

Prepare your PC for the post-apocalypse and check out list of supported peripherals

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December 6, 20181 Min Read

Far Cry New Dawn – Creating A New Kind of Post-Apocalypse

Learn more about the latest entry in the Far Cry series from the developers at Ubisoft Montreal.

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December 6, 20183 Min Read

Far Cry New Dawn Brings the Series Into A Vibrant Post-Apocalypse

Dive into an all-new Far Cry game set in a colorful and lush post-apocalyptic world.

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September 27, 20182 Min Read

Far Cry 5 Adds Blood Dragon Maps to Far Cry Arcade

Blood Dragons, Omega troopers, and a slew of objects and structures from Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon recently arrived in Far Cry Arcade

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