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March 31, 20202 Min Read

Play Your Part, Play At Home – Ubisoft Update

People all over the world are adapting to the global effects of COVID-19. Read more about what steps we’re taking inside Ubisoft and some free offers, including Rayman Legends free on UPLAY and more.

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March 27, 20201 Min Read

Game Makers Podcast - Dive Into the Audio of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Audio Director Lydia Andrew shares how her team used music and sound to bring Ancient Greece to life.

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March 26, 20204 Min Read

How the Ubisoft Entrepreneurs Lab Empowers Communities

As the incubator program closes out its fourth season, find out more about the participating startups and their efforts to empower their communities and build the future.

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March 23, 20202 Min Read

Ubisoft’s GDC 2020 Talks Online Now

Watch six recorded talks on some of the game industry’s most important topics, originally intended exclusively for GDC attendees.

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March 20, 20202 Min Read

Play Child of Light and Other Ubisoft Games Free

Find out how and when you can start playing.

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March 17, 20203 Min Read

5 Big Updates Coming Soon to UPLAY+

The Division 2 Warlords of New York, Rainbow Six Siege, Ghost Recon Breakpoint, Anno 1800, and more in UPLAY+.

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March 13, 202010 Min Read

Ubisoft Senior VP Talks Continued GeForce Now Support, Upcoming Stadia Releases

Chris Early, senior vice president of partnerships, reaffirms Ubisoft’s commitment to making its games as accessible as possible across all platforms.

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March 11, 20201 Min Read

Update E3 2020

An update regarding E3 2020.

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March 6, 20205 Min Read

Ubisoft Paris Appoints Marie-Sophie de Waubert as Managing Director

The head of Ubisoft Paris talks about the journey that brought her to lead one of Europe’s biggest games studios.

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March 5, 20205 Min Read

Pulling Others Up At the Black Game Pro Mixer

Ubisoft Toronto product manager, Adrien Gbinigie gives a first-hand account of the Black Game Pro Mixer, an event he helped organize.

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