21 March 2024

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Formula E Event Comes to Trackmania March 30

Trackmania is partnering with the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship for a special in-game event. Formula E is an electric racing championship with races held in 12 cities worldwide; it showcases electric vehicle technology and promotes sustainability. Starting March 30, the Formula E event in Trackmania brings three exclusive tracks, 12 car skins, a new game mode, and a championship with a cash prize. In addition, the new Spring 2024 campaign launches on April 2.

Three Formula E Tracks

The three exclusive Formula E tracks adapted for Trackmania include Tokyo, Berlin, and London. The Tokyo racetrack will be revealed first, during the Track of the Day on March 30 at 7PM CET/11AM PT, and will let players race under Tokyo's lights at night, between the docks and the skyline, and check out famous sights like Tokyo Tower.

Trackmania Formula E Championship

For each Formula E track, there will be three races, and each race will offer a €1,000 cash prize. A global ranking will also reward the 3 best players at the end of the championship with an extra €1,000. The first three Tokyo races will be on March 30 at 8PM CET/12PM PT after the Track of the Day reveal; on March 31 at 2PM CEST/5AM PT; and on April 3 at 8PM CEST/11AM PT.  

  • Three Tokyo races: March 30, March 31, April 3

  • Three Berlin races: May 11, May 12, May 15

  • Three London races: July 20, July 21, July 24

To participate, you do not need to register; join the dedicated server in the Formula E club to play through the qualifying session and start the race. For more details about the championship, click here.

Formula E Game Mode

Players can check out the new Formula E game mode, based on the real-life Formula E races. It includes exclusive features, such as energy management and an Attack mode that will give you extra power for one minute 30 seconds. The Formula E game mode is available now on a dedicated server, accessible from the Formula E in-game club. A test race will take place on Saturday March 23rd at 8 PM CET on this track,

Official Formula E Liveries

Official Formula E Season 10 liveries are coming to Trackmania as well as an exclusive Formula E Championship showcar. These car skins will be released in the next few days and revealed on Trackmania's social media channels.

Spring 2024 Campaign Coming April 2

The new Spring 2024 campaign in Trackmania kicks off April 2 at 5PM CEST/8AM PT, bringing 25 new tracks and adding the slippery and dynamic Rally Car. The tracks bring players to a new "Rally" environment with narrow dirt roads, hilly and stylized medieval European landscapes with castles, towers, and stone walls. The update also brings a new seasonal Prestige Skin, which can be unlocked by earning medals on the upcoming campaign and Tracks of the Day. The new campaign will also allow you to collect trophies and win up to 100 medals.

Trackmania is free to play on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Amazon Luna. A Ubisoft+ Premium subscription also includes its Club Access 1 Year pass, granting access to all Trackmania's social and creation features.

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