October 6, 2022

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Ubisoft’s Photomode Contest: The Jury Shares Their Expectations

Ubisoft's Photomode contest is a unique platform to show off your creative in-game photography skills and join the diverse world of artists that make up this ever-growing and changing platform. The contest encourages players to creatively explore Ubisoft's worlds and provides a platform to show off just how stunning this photographic medium can be. 

[UN] The Jury’s In: What Makes for a Winning Photomode Entry? - In Game Photo 3

Using Ubisoft's in-game photomode, capture your perfect shot and submit it online for a chance to win a spot in our exhibit in New York, a high-end MSI Raider laptop, and a fine-art print of your work.

The best photos will be selected by a panel of renowned artists following real-world photography criteria. Light, perspective, contrast, symbolism, attention to detail - this jury knows a good shot when they see it. Six experts will select winners across several categories: portrait, outdoor, storytelling, design, experimental, action, and out of category.

The jury will evaluate submissions using on a points system awarded based on aesthetic quality - It's important to have a beautifully shot photo. They'll also evaluate:

  • Artistic intention: Does the photo share a specific story or point-of-view in a logical, consistent way?

  • Artistic coherence: Does the title and description of the photo match with and further explain your photo?

  • Technical realization: Does the photo adhere to technical specifications?

  • Aesthetic quality: Is the photo shot beautifully?

[UN] The Jury’s In: What Makes for a Winning Photomode Entry? - Jury

To get a better understanding of the jury's expectations, we asked them one important question: What artistically are you hoping to see in a winning Photomode submission?

Mohamed Megdoul: Art Director - Paris

Mohamed Megdoul is a writer, movie director, and Founder of "Immersion," a French publication that focuses on video games' cultural, philosophical, and aesthetic impact. "I'm expecting a photographic work that goes beyond just beautiful sunsets or iconic characters; It's about having a vision about what these strange, fictional places are and what they say about us," Megdoul says. "An in-game photographer should immerse themselves into those imaginary worlds and be able to produce a work that still speaks to everyone, even people that have never been to these places."

Kent Sheely: Digital Artist - New York
Kent Sheely is an American digital artist living in New York City who makes art out of and about video games. His work includes everything from real-life installations of Super Mario boxes to in-game photography and creating throwback Flash games. "I think having a unique vision and making sure the work stands out is going to be the most important things. Creativity is key," Sheely says.

Will Saunders: Photographer - Salt Lake City
Will Saunders' images leave his viewers with wonder: Wondering how the photo was taken, the stories of the subjects, and where in the world the images were taken. His blend of art, adventurous spirit, and carefree nature bring a unique look to his photography. "Photomode allows us to push creative boundaries, so I'm looking for images that are unique and unexpected," Saunders says. "I want to see the image and ask myself 'did that actually happen in the game?' I like to see photos that have a good use of light, emotion, and angles."

[UN] The Jury’s In: What Makes for a Winning Photomode Entry? - In-game photo(5) RESIZED

Mélanie Courtinat: Immersive Artist - Paris
Mélanie Courtinat's creations combine the virtual and physical worlds and environments using VR, AR, and videogames.Her work has been featured around the world, and she also serves as a professor of Video Game Theory at ECAL in Lausanne, Switzerland. Above all, Courtinat prioritizes the viewer in front and at the heart of her innovative, cutting-edge creations. "I would like to see players go further than just being observers," Courtinat says. "The medium of games themselves is already visually rich, so I'm particularly interested in people who will try to do more than just document the games. I want to see the unique points of view, the experiments."

Pascal Greco: In-Game Photographer - Geneva

Pascal Greco is a self-taught filmmaker, cinematographer, and photographer who has shown his work in exhibitions around Europe and Asia. His beautifully shot documentaries feature everything from Polaroids of architectures lost in the vastness of Iceland to Tokyo street style.

"We're looking for someone with a special touch, who has that sensitivity, vision, and creativity," Greco says.

Bio Jade Adam Granger: Ubisoft Editorial VP - Montréal

Acting as our in-house jury member, Bio Jade Adam Granger has been with Ubisoft for 11 years. She currently serves as Ubisoft Paris' VP of Editorial - Creative Direction and she has degrees in both Game Design and Graphic Design. Combined with her love of gaming, comics, and drawing, Granger has the critical eye necessary to spot a good Photomode winning shot. "For me, an interesting submission will reflect the player's experience while they enjoyed the game," she says. "It's something games are uniquely strong at: Creating powerful moments, emotions, and feelings while interacting with the medium."

Eligible Ubisoft games include Assassin's Creed Odyssey, Assassin's Creed Origins, Assassin's Creed Valhalla, Ghost Recon Breakpoint, Ghost Recon Wildlands, Far Cry 5, Far Cry 6, Far Cry New Dawn, Immortals Fenyx Rising, Riders Republic, The Crew 2, The Division 2, Watch Dogs: Legion, Trackmania, and Steep. To ensure everyone can enter the contest, participants can download Ubisoft+ for a free trial until October 10 on PC , Stadia, and Amazon Luna.

Submit your best in-game photography using Ubisoft Photomode from now until October 16 by sharing your post or album on Instagram or Twitter using #UBISOFTPHOTOMODE to enter.

For more contest rules and details, visit ubisoft.com/photomode and check out how you can customize your gaming space with your best in-game photos. For pointers on taking the best photomode photos, catch up on the Ubisoft Photomode contest jury's tips and tricks to make your in-game photography stand out among the rest.

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