13 January 2023

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This Week at Ubisoft: Rainbow Six Siege Introduces New Cosmetic Bundles, Ubisoft+ Sale Rings in the New Year

This week at Ubisoft, gear up with WWE Superstar-inspired cosmetic bundles in Rainbow Six Siege, or get your first month of Ubisoft+ for $1. Check it all out and more in this week's roundup of Ubisoft News.

Rainbow Six Siege Enters the Ring With WWE Cosmetic Bundles

Two WWE Superstar-inspired cosmetic bundles are available now in Rainbow Six Siege, each including a uniform, headgear, charm, Operator portrait, Operator card background, and primary weapon skin. Blackbeard can gear up as Undertaker, and Thorn as Becky Lynch.

Get Your First Month of Ubisoft+ For $1

[UN] [Multiple Titles] - Weekly Recap 23.01.13 - UbiPlus Sale

Through January 19, new Ubisoft+ subscribers can get their first month for $1. With a Ubisoft+ subscription, players can get access to over 100 titles, including a curated list of third-party indie games, as well as earn monthly rewards and get discounts on in-game purchases.

Ubisoft+ Spotlight - Rainbow Six

(Editorial note: This is a series of quick weekly highlights written by Ubisoft News team writers that feature games available with a Ubisoft+ subscription. We hope you'll enjoy reminiscing with us, or perhaps discover something new.)

Brittany Spurlin, Writer/Editor: Come join Rainbow, the elite counter-terrorism squad helmed by John Clark (codename Rainbow Six, in case you're wondering how the game got its name), in the strategic shooter that kicked off the franchise. By fighting through a series of missions, the Rainbow team responds to attacks from the Phoenix Group, an eco-terrorist organization that believes in radical environmentalism and anarchy. As they gather intel, the team uncovers a plot to release a deadly virus at the 2000 Olympics, and must work to stop the disaster before it happens. There are 16 missions in total, but some may require multiple replays in order to make sure you have a sizeable roster in late-game fights.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six introduced a story and gameplay that laid the foundation for present-day Rainbow Six Siege. Though it's a first-person shooter, Rainbow Six puts serious emphasis on in-game tactics. Before each mission, players have a prep phase in which they can choose their Operator and weapons, review intel, and review the map, as well as give orders to their AI team about where to go and what devices to use. Thorough planning during this phase is critical, as Operators can be killed with a single bullet - and once an Operator is killed, they cannot be used again for the rest of the game (hence the need to replay missions in order to reduce casualties).

You can play Rainbow Six today with a Ubisoft+ subscription.

Game Updates

On January 10, Rainbow Six Siege released its Y7S4.2 Designer's Notes, bringing a number of balancing and gameplay updates.

  • Grim's has new options for his weapon sights with the addition of the 1.5x and 2.0x to Commando 552
  • Twitch now has two regular drones instead of one, but her vertical grip for F2 is gone
  • Extended barrel increases weapon damage by 15%

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