7 November 2023

2 Min Read

The Division Resurgence Regional Beta Returns Starting November 16

A new regional beta is inbound on November 16 for The Division Resurgence, giving selected players in the US and Brazil (as well as all players in Australia) a chance to dive into the upcoming free-to-play mobile entry in the RPG shooter series. The beta will be playable on select Android and iOS devices, and interested players can sign up for a chance to participate in it (as well as future tests) at thedivisionresurgence.com.

A previous regional beta ran in June and July earlier this year, and gave players a deeper look at the specializations, characters, and weapon upgrades of The Division Resurgence, highlighting how the game is carving out its own territory and telling its own story within the world of The Division. Since that beta, the dev team has been hard at work making a variety of improvements, and this upcoming regional beta will give players a shot at taking on the campaign (up to main mission 8) as well as side missions and other open-world activities. The game can be played solo or in co-op.

Furthermore, the Dark Zone will be available for bold Agents seeking valuable gear, as will the PVP Conflict mode and newly introduced Lone Wolf Challenge mode. In this mode, solo players take on a series of short, increasingly difficult levels and try to complete them as quickly as possible to earn a good rating, move up in the ranks, and unlock rewards. Experimenting with bonus skills and tweaking your loadout here can help you improve your times and develop new strategies to use in other modes.

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