25 May 2022

2 Min Read

roller champions

Roller Champions Available Now

Lace up your skates and download the free-to-play Roller Champions today as the arenas are open and waiting for you and your teammates to begin your rise to roller-sports glory. Roller Champions is a new team-based sports game in which you’ll use gravity-fueled movement, clever team tactics, and high-flying maneuvers to move a ball around the arena, open up the goal, and take your shot at victory. Kickoff Season begins today on PC through the Ubisoft Store, Xbox One, and PS4 (plus Xbox Series X|S and PS5 via backward compatibility).

Every player has access to the same moves in Roller Champions, and what sets you apart from the competition is not just your own skills, but also your team communication and coordination. As you play matches, you'll earn fans. Fans will allow you to grow your fame and play in bigger and bigger arenas, as well as progress along the Roller Pass and unlock new cosmetic items to customize your skater. From helmets, outfits, gloves, and skates to emotes, player banners, and goal effects, the Roller Pass allows you to get your arena fit just right, and you can earn even more items by purchasing the premium track of the Roller Pass.

Roller Champions is launching with both quick play and ranked matchmaking modes. As you compete, you'll be matched with opponents across all platforms with crossplay, and as you unlock new cosmetics through the Roller Pass, and you'll be able to keep your progress and items on any platform you play on, thanks to cross-progression. Custom matches are also available, as is the Skatepark, a free-roam environment where you can practice your skills.

Recruit your friends to join you in the arena and you can earn free in-game rewards through the Friend Referral program; more info available on the Roller Champions official website. Roller Champions is available now and free to play on PC through the Ubisoft Store, Xbox One, and PS4 (plus Xbox Series X|S and PS5 via backward compatibility), with Switch, Stadia, and Amazon Luna releases coming later. Catch up with the latest from Ubisoft with our weekly news roundup.