14 October 2021

1 Min Read


Game Makers Podcast – We Need Diverse Games

One morning in 2014, Tanya DePass was angry about videogames. She tweeted out to the world with the hashtag #INeedDiverseGames. The tweet went viral, it sparked a conversation, and it led DePass to form a not-for-profit organization called I Need Diverse Games, which is dedicated to improving diversification of all aspects of gaming.

Today, DePass continues her work pushing for increased diversity, inclusion, and representation in the videogame industry. She regularly appears on panels and is a diversity consultant for AAA games, including the newly released Far Cry 6.

At this watershed moment in the gaming and entertainment industry, diversity is improving, but we still have a lot of work to do as an industry to create truly inclusive workplaces, as well as games that are as diverse as the people who play them. DePass joins the Ubisoft Game Makers podcast to talk about what players and developers can do to move these conversations forward and to improve diversity and inclusion in the industry.

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