1 February 2022

2 Min Read

far cry 6

Far Cry 6’s New Rambo-Inspired Mission Available Now

Far Cry 6 is serving up
more guerrilla content for its Yaran rebels hungry for 80’s-style carnage. A new
mission, dubbed “All the Blood,” pays homage to the first three movies in the
Rambo franchise. Ubisoft partnered with STUDIOCANAL, which owns the rights to
Rambo I-III, to make the crossover event happen. The mission is available now
and free to download for all who own a copy of Far Cry 6.

“All the Blood” centers around a Rambo superfan on a mission of revenge against
the Yaran military. Players can team up with him in an action-packed quest with
bloody stunts befitting any Rambo-inspired operation. Completing the mission
will reward players with the Vengeance Bow, a ranged weapon with an explosive
effect on its targets. Once unlocked, the Vengeance Bow will be available to use
permanently within the main game. In addition to the new gameplay content, Far
Cry 6 is offering the Rambo Bundle for purchase, which will give players
Rambo-inspired gear, weapons, and a vehicle. To coincide with the launch, select
editions of Far Cry 6 are currently discounted up to 40% as part of the Ubisoft
Store Lunar New Year sale
. Later this week, the Far Cry 6 Season Pass will be 25% off.

The Rambo-inspired mission is hardly the game’s first foray into crossover
territory. Since Far Cry 6’s October 7 launch, Ubisoft Toronto has added a
Danny Trejo mission, a Money Heist-themed
, and new Special Operations. The game has also released two DLCs via the Season Pass: Vaas: Insanity and Pagan: Control, with Joseph: Collapse set to release soon.

Far Cry 6 is available on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, and PC. The game
is also available with a subscription to Ubisoft+, Stadia, and Amazon Luna. For
more information on the game, check out our previous Far Cry 6