November 30, 2021

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Fawzi Mesmar Named As Ubisoft’s New Vice President of Editorial

Ubisoft’s Editorial team is responsible for guiding the creative direction of
its games and leading its teams of creators worldwide behind that vision. This
week, videogame industry veteran Fawzi Mesmar brings his expertise to Ubisoft,
joining the team as its new Vice President of Editorial.

Throughout his 18-year career, Mesmar has gained a wealth of experience in the
videogame industry, having played games competitively in his spare time,
contributing to the successful launch of more than 20 videogames as an
award-winning game designer and creative director for DICE, King, Gameloft, and
Atlus, and even authoring one of the first books on game design in Arabic. His
journey has taken him across the globe to Germany, Japan, Jordan, Saudi Arabia,
Sweden, and New Zealand, with his new role at Ubisoft seeing him based in the
company’s offices in Sweden. Reporting to Chief Creative Director Igor Manceau,
Mesmar will work with Ubisoft production teams worldwide to shape the creative
vision of its games and ensure the inclusion of diverse perspectives throughout
the production process.

“I am excited to work with the talented teams across Ubisoft to nurture our
collective creativity and build the future of Ubisoft’s games together,” said
Mesmar. “Ubisoft brings together some of the most creative minds in videogames,
and I look forward to supporting them in their work to deliver truly meaningful
entertainment experiences to players.”

As well as Mesmar’s experience in developing videogames, he is also an advocate
of education in game design. He has taught at numerous schools around the world
and given a variety of talks at events like GDC, Quo Vadis, and more. “If I’m
not making games, I’m either playing them, or talking about them,” said Mesmar.
“It’s always been a passion of mine to not only make games, but to also help
others make games, and I’m excited to use that experience in my new role at

“Fawzi is one of the industry’s most respected game designers and has a strong
track record of uniting teams across various projects, expertise, and
backgrounds,” said Manceau. “We are delighted to welcome him to the Editorial
team and I’m confident he will develop strong partnerships with teams across
Ubisoft. His expertise will help us continue to unite around a shared vision,
strengthening and growing our broad portfolio of games, and providing players
with enriching, memorable experiences.”

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