October 16, 2018

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For Honor Marching Fire Out Now

For Honor Marching Fire, the largest For Honor update since launch, is now available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Marching Fire introduces four new Heroes as part of an all-new faction known as the Wu Lin. Additionally, the expansion adds the strategic 4v4 PvP Breach mode, the endlessly replayable PvE Arcade mode, enhanced visuals, a victory celebration screen, team voice chat, and plenty of additional quality of life improvements.

Players who purchase the Marching Fire expansion will have immediate access to the four new Wu Lin Heroes and the PvE Arcade mode, while all For Honor players will have access to Breach mode, enhanced visuals, victory celebration screen, and other improvements. Following a two-week period of exclusivity for expansion owners, the Wu Lin Heroes will be available to all players for 15,000 Steel on October 30. Those of you who don't own For Honor and want to get in on the action can purchase the For Honor Marching Fire Edition, which includes the base game and the Marching Fire expansion, and is available in retail stores today.

Coinciding with the launch of For Honor Marching Fire, players can pick up Twitch Drops by watching some of For Honor's streamers. Starting on October 17, you can watch any of the channels below as they play For Honor, and receive XP boosts, scavenger crates, melee packs, and combat packs based on how long you watch their streams:

  • One XP Boost for watching 10 minutes of participating streamers.
  • Two XP Boosts + one Scavenger Crate for watching 30 minutes of participating streamers.
  • One Melee Pack for watching one hour of participating streamers.
  • One Combat Pack for watching four hours of participating streamers.

Twitch Drops will be available on the following streamers' channels while they are playing For Honor:

  • Strippin: Starting each night at 7PM PT, from October 17-22
  • Fairlight_Excalibur: Evening of Wednesday, October 17 and Thursday, October 18
  • Shmolty: Starting at 10AM PT on October 17, 19 and 21; Starting at 6PM PT on October 18, 20, 22
  • Khaljiit: Starting at 10PM PT each night from October 17-22
  • zer0_craic: Starting at 11AM PT each day from October 17-22
  • FightinCowboy: Starting at 12PM PT on Friday, October 19

All rewards will be added directly to your Ubisoft account on October 24. Make sure to link your Ubisoft and Twitch accounts by visiting: https://drops-register.ubi.com.

For Honor Marching Fire launches at noon PT on Tuesday, October 16. Since For Honor is a live game, it is necessary to take the game offline for a three-hour maintenance period to prepare the Marching Fire content. As a major update, which includes significant graphical enhancements, Marching Fire requires Ubisoft to perform this maintenance when all key production stakeholders are present and can ensure success. Those wanting to join the For Honor Marching Fire battlefield as soon as possible can begin downloading the patches when the maintenance period begins at 9am PT.

Marching Fire is the latest update to For Honor, but stay tuned; the development team has designated 2019 the Year of the Harbinger, and will continue to bring improvements throughout the year. For more on For Honor, check out our previous coverage.

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