May 15, 2019

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The Division 2 – State of the Game Recap: Raid, Assignments, Apparel Event, and Bug Fixes (5/15)

This week, The Division 2 State of the Game focused on the upcoming Operation Dark Hours Raid, as well as new classified assignments, the next Apparel Event and bug fixes. Title Update 3 (TU3) is now live, and introduces a host of changes to The Division 2. Check out last week's State of the Game Recap for more details.

State of the Game airs every Wednesday at 8:00AM PDT on Twitch, Mixer, and YouTube. Read on for a recap of the topics discussed, and check out the stream below for more details.

Weekly Reset

  • The weekly reset happened with TU3, but will reset again on Thursday as usual. If you need to complete Grand Washington Hotel to get your Nemesis blueprint, you must complete it before Thursday (May 16).

Bug Fixes

  • A bug caused Hard Wired chest items to receive attribute roles that were not intended. This bug was fixed with TU3, and all previously rolled items were updated with new rolls. The issue was not previously mentioned in the TU3 patch notes, but has now been updated.
  • Server crashes have been happening since the release of TU3. Fixing this is an absolute priority for the team before the raid begins.
  • Roosevelt Island Stronghold currently has two known issues: C4 cannot be planted, and ropes don't roll out. Fixes for these issues will be patched in as soon as possible.


  • There is no matchmaking for the Operation Dark Hours Raid to ensure that players are able to communicate and prepare effectively within their group. The raid will test your ability to communicate well and create an effective build setup. This will require communication and teamwork.
  • The raid is not similar to Incursion in The Division, as it presents a whole new level of challenge.
  • There are dedicated places to find like-minded agents to tackle the raid. You can join the official Discord via, for example. There will also be a dedicated "Looking for Group" channel on all platforms.

Classified Assignments

  • These are small, narrative-driven missions in the world that allow you to explore Washington, DC before theevents of The Division 2.
  • These missions are only available for Year One Pass holders.
  • The first mission is available at level 10, the second at level 30.
  • You will be given the general location of the assignment, and will need to find the correct door to start the mission.

Apparel Event

  • A new Apparel Event is going to go live together with the raid.
  • May 16-23: Login to get a free Dark Hours Cache key.
  • May 16-June 6: Keys can be obtained from gameplay sources and purchased with Premium Credits.
  • June 6-13: Last chance to buy caches for Premium Credits and finish the collection before the special uniform reward gets removed at the end of the event.
  • As before, free cache keys are available from Weekly Apparel Projects (guaranteed), Field Proficiency Caches (random chance), and Dark Zone Proficiency Caches (slightly lower chance).
  • Year One Pass owners get an additional three keys for free if they login during the event.

New Store Items

  • Items previously exclusive to special editions and pre-order bonuses can now be purchased at the in-game store. These include the Capitol Defender, Battle-Worn Secret Service, and First Responder outfits, the Lullaby and Ruthless exotic weapons, and skill visuals


  • Operation Dark Hours goes live tomorrow, May 16, at 9:00AM PDT.
  • First 8-player raid in the franchise's history.
  • Takes place in the Washington National Airport.
  • Exclusive rewards include new gear sets, an exotic Assault Rifle and cosmetic items.
  • Gear Score requirement is 490.
  • Weekly reset timer; raid-exclusive rewards are available once a week.
  • You can replay the raid as much as you want otherwise (e.g. to help people, test out newly acquired gear, etc.).

Race to World First

  • The first team to finish the raid will receive in-game and real-life exclusive rewards.
  • Picture in the Base of Operations – the first team to beat the Raid will have their names and their Agents' photo immortalized in The Division 2 Base of Operations for all players to see.
  • Real-life arm patch – The same team will also receive a real-life arm patch.
  • First week completion – All players who beat the Raid within the first week will receive a special commendation and an exclusive arm patch "First Strike Patch: Operation Dark Hours."
  • Clan Insignia and Clan Trophy – If you complete the Raid with a full group of clan members, you get two clan rewards. This has no time limit and can be done at any time. The only requirements are a full clan group and finishing the Raid in one session (you can't leave the Raid).

Twitch Drops and Twitch Rivals

  • Twitch drops will be available on Thursday, starting at 8:00AM PDT.
  • Anyone can sign up their channel to have these drops activated while they're in the Tom Clancy's The Division 2 category at
  • There are two rewards available: Watch 30 minutes and receive a Dark Hours apparel cache key. Watch 90 minutes and receive two specialized apparel cache keys.
  • Twitch Rivals starts at 9:00AM PDT with the opening of the raid. You can follow the action on

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