February 19, 2020

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The Division 2 – State of the Game Recap: Meet the Factions of Warlords of New York

When it launches on March 3, The Division 2 Warlords of New York will take Agents to a new area of a familiar city – Lower Manhattan – and bring them into contact with new and returning factions vying for control of the streets. With help from Game Designer MacKenzie Bates and Associate Game Director Drew Rechner, today’s State of the Game livestream took a closer look at who players can expect to meet on the post-collapse streets of Lower Manhattan. A few highlights:

  • Warlords of New York will feature tougher, smarter, redesigned versions of the Rikers and the Cleaners.

  • Players can expect extreme resistance from an elite variant of the Black Tusk, who will appear in Legendary missions.

  • Players will be able to acquire two new Hunter outfits, starting now with the Stinger Hunter outfit.

State of the Game streams on Twitch, Mixer and YouTube. (To find out what was covered in the last episode, make sure to check out the previous State of the Game Recap.)


  • No maintenance this week.
  • A number of players have reported weird walls appearing in some locations. These don’t seem to block any entrances. The team is working on a fix that likely will go out with Warlords of New York.
  • The team is working to make Warlords of New York pre-purchases available for PS4 owners. The game is launching on PS4 on March 3. The early purchase bonus that comes with buying the game will be available to all players that buy the game before April 3, regardless of platform.

Twitch drops

  • The team has seen people talking about the Twitch drops, especially the Helmet, and how players feel unlucky they missed out on such cool apparel.
  • Players eligible for the Twitch drops must link their Ubisoft accounts to Twitch via drops-register.ubi.com.
  • To celebrate the announcement of Warlords of New York and influx of players, the team has decided to grant both Twitch Drops to everybody.
  • The drops will be time-limited and start with today’s State of the Game, and the last day to claim them will be the Warlords of New York’s launch day on March 3. Players can login to the game right now and will find the Circuit Weapon Skin and Tactical Integral Helmet in their Apparel inventory.


  • The #FindTommy community challenge, which asked players to contribute screenshots of the 13 Tommy the Teddy Bear plushies hidden throughout the game, brought in lots of pictures of Tommy in-game, as well as of the plush in real life.
  • The team is thanking all players who participated with a community-wide reward in the form of the Fragment weapon skin. It is now available for all players logging in, and will immediately appear in the Apparel inventory.


There are two new Hunter outfits Agents can acquire:

  • The Stinger Hunter outfit is part of the Friend Referral program
  • The black Covert Hunter outfit is coming with Warlords of New York.
  • The Covert Hunter outfit will be available from Standard Apparel Caches, and players can also purchase it with Premium Credits.
  • Covert Hunter will be available on March 3 with Warlords of New York, and all players can wear it whether they own the expansion or not.
  • The Stinger Hunter outfit is available with the Friend Referral program, and is live right now!
  • Players who invite other Agents to The Division 2 and play three missions together will get the Stinger Hunter outfit and other rewards.
  • There have been a few reports of players not receiving their rewards. It can take up to 24 hours until you receive rewards. Players who have not received their rewards within 24 hours after finishing missions should contact Ubisoft Customer Support.


  • Factions players know from The Division are returning in Warlords of New York.
  • The Cleaners and Rikers have been re-imagined and given The Division 2’s AI upgrades.
  • As time has passed, the groups have adjusted, recruited, and are more lethal than ever.

Returning Faction: Cleaners

  • The Cleaners are former sanitation workers and first responders.
  • Joe Ferro was the faction’s original leader, and took drastic measures to eliminate the Green Poison, with fire.
  • The Division killed Ferro.
  • The Cleaners had to regroup after the loss of their leader, and with Warlords of New York, they are back, with new recruits and under the new leadership of Vivian Conley, one of Aaron Keener’s four lieutenants.

Cleaner Archetypes:

  • Assault, equipped with a flamethrower
  • Rusher, wielding a shield and axe
  • Tank – Flamethrower-equipped Heavy with destructible armor and multiple weak points. Carries a Molotov bag, a flamethrower with a fuel tank, an axe, and an oxygen tank on their back.
  • Thrower
  • Sniper, who deploys a Firebrand jumper car that follows them and will launch itself at players who try to rush them.
  • Controller, who pilots a bomb-dropping drone
  • Engineer, equipped with a turret that launches napalm shells that can trap players in place and block off cover points.

Returning Faction: Rikers

  • The Rikers are escaped prisoners from Rikers Island, bolstered by new recruits trying to fit into the faction’s convict theme.
  • After the Green Poison hit, they went on a violent campaign of vengeance and destruction led by Larae Barret.
  • The Division killed Barret, leaving the Rikers leaderless and causing them to split into many sub-groups.
  • One of those sub-groups moved to Lower Manhattan, and is now under the leadership of James Dragov, another one of Keener’s rogue lieutenants.

Riker Archetypes:

  • Assault
  • Rusher, who dual-wields SMGs
  • Thrower, equipped with proximity-triggered nail bombs
  • Sniper, who carries a taser and a shield
  • Tank, with a nailgun and shield equipped with a flasher. Concentrating fire on the flasher can blind the Tank and everyone behind them.
  • Heavy Weapons, which can set up a stationary machine gun (making them an ideal target for sticky bombs).
  • Leaders are OG Rikers who’ve been around since the beginning. Leaders make better use of cover, lay down covering fire for their teammates, and give their fire team an overheal buff.

New Faction: Elite variant of the Black Tusk

  • Can be found in Legendary missions.
  • The Black Tusk has assimilated members of the Last Man Battalion.


  • Assault
  • Rusher, who uses an assault rifle at a distance and a shotgun up close. Elites will also throw a flashbang at close distance.
  • Thrower
  • Sniper
  • Tank, who has a Wasp hive and will continually try to close the distance with Agents.
  • Support, who deploys a support station that heals everyone nearby. Elites add overheal to it. If the support station is not destroyed before enemies are wiped out, it drops medpacks.
  • Controller, who operates a mini tank
  • Drone Operator, who controls a suicide drone
  • War Hound
  • War Hound Grenadier, which moves to different positions and fires three-grenade volleys. Normal ones fire explosive grenades, while Elites fire shock grenades. Shooting weak points on their backs can disable them.
  • War Hound Minigun, which moves constantly and fires its minigun continuously. Shooting the red weak points on their legs can make them collapse.

Friendly Faction: Peacekeepers

  • Civilians and JTF veterans who banded together.
  • After surviving for more than eight months, they now have much better training, and will be more useful to the players.


Warlords of New York Dark Zone PVP

  • Bracket clarification: there will be Level-30 and Level-40 brackets. You can still invite lower-level players as a Level-40 player and play together. Level-30 players will be scaled up in Health, Armor, and Damage, but not other attributes.

Warlords of New York Operation Dark Hours

  • Level-40 players can play with Level-30 friends, even in the Raid.

Playing as a Level-40 Agent alongside Level-30 players

  • This will be similar to the current approach to playing alongside Agents who are below Level 30. As a Warlords of New York Level-40 player, you can join Level-30 activities and play with Level-30 players.
  • Level-30 players receive World Tier 5 and items close to their Gear Score; Level-40 players will receive Level-40 loot.

Is there a reason to play in Washington, DC as a Warlords of New York owner?

  • Yes. More details will be revealed in next week’s State of the Game, which will focus on Seasons.
  • Other reasons include the new endgame (which spans both cities), targeted loot, and daily and weekly projects.

SHD Levels are account-wide.

The Division 2 is available now on PC, Xbox One, and PS4, and is included in a UPLAY+ subscription. For more The Division 2, check out our previous coverage.

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