January 15, 2020

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Rainbow Six Siege – Road to Six Invitational Event Returns With Battle Pass

Rainbow Six Siege’s annual Six Invitational competition is fast approaching, and to celebrate, the in-game Road to SI event has returned. From now until February 16, Road to SI 2020 will unfold every weekend (from Thursday to Sunday) in a new map, Stadium. The event arrives alongside Rainbow Six Siege’s first full Battle Pass, which offers a free and premium reward track, with 48 rewards in total.

Featuring bulletproof glass walls that let opponents see each other without a clear line of fire, Stadium plays host to Bomb matches with three-minute rounds on a three-round rotation, with Pick and Ban enabled. All Operators are available to all players in Road to SI matches, and six Operators – Caveira, Hibana, Blitz, Thermite, Sledge, and Mozzie – are automatically equipped with Road to SI gear. During the event, players can also participate in the Road to SI 2020 Battle Pass, which features a free track and a premium track, each with 35 tiers. Completing the Battle Pass yields a total of 48 rewards, including exclusive Road to SI customization items. Players can grab the Premium pass for 1200 R6 Credits, or in the Premium Bundle (which includes the pass and unlocks the first 12 tiers) for 2400 R6 Credits. Each tier of the Premium pass can be unlocked either through gameplay, or for 180 R6 Credits. Of the revenue from the Premium pass, 30% will go to fund the Six Invitational prize pool, up to a maximum of $3,000,000. (Any surplus funds raised will be redistributed across other official Rainbow Six esports programs.)

[UN] [ News] Rainbow Six Siege – Road to Six Invitational Event Returns With Battle Pass

Beginning February 14 and running through February 16, the Six Invitational is a championship tournament and fan gathering in Montreal. Centering on competition between the world’s best 16 teams, the Six Invitational also features panels with developers, as well as fan artists, cosplayers, and content creators from the community. Check out the official event guide to find out more.

Rainbow Six Siege is available now on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. For more on the game, check out our previous coverage.

Rainbow Six Siege, Rated M for Mature

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