March 24, 20202 Min Read

Seat of Power DLC Comes to Anno 1800

A free update for all players will also bring an optimized Influence system.

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March 9, 20202 Min Read

Anno 1800 – 3 Major New DLC Expansions Coming With Season 2 Pass

Play the game for free from March 12-15, and then get ready to build a palace, mechanize your farms, and make a desert bloom.

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December 10, 20192 Min Read

Anno 1800 – The Passage DLC Out Now, Play for Free Dec. 11-18

The third DLC takes players to the frigid north to establish a new outpost and production chains, while a free update introduces co-op and in-depth statistics for all.

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September 12, 20195 Min Read

Create The Unknown – How Anno 1800 Put A Creative Spin on the Industrial Revolution

Anno 1800 3D Artist David Shelton discusses how the art team utilized real-world materials and inspiration to build a creative 19th century city.

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August 13, 20197 Min Read

Savor the Summer with 5 Last-Minute Ubisoft Vacation Destinations

The long summer days may be waning, but there’s still time for an epic videogame vacation in the open worlds and fantastical realms of Ubisoft games. Here are some of our favorite destinations!

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July 19, 20191 Min Read

Anno 1800 Gold Edition Brings New Content and Sunken Treasures

New edition of the long-running strategy franchise features a brand-new storyline, new locations, and new items to craft.

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April 16, 20192 Min Read

Anno 1800 Available Now On PC

Start building your 19th-century empire today in the story-based campaign, customizable sandbox mode, or classic multiplayer competition.

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August 20, 20182 Min Read

Anno 1800 Coming to PC on February 26

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