May 4, 20202 Min Read

Rocksmith Infographic Looks Back At More Than 6 Years of Play

What was the most popular DLC? What were the most-mastered songs? Check out a variety of interesting tidbits from the Rocksmith team.

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July 12, 20182 Min Read

Rocksmith Takes Lesson from School of Rock Actor Vincent Molden

Some kids get a summer job – selling lemonade, mowing lawns, flipping burgers. Vincent Molden's summer job is rocking your face off.

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July 9, 20181 Min Read

Rocksmith – What Is the Most-Played DLC Song?

Music is the lifeblood of Rocksmith, and personal song selection drives a majority of players as they learn to play guitar and bass.

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February 13, 20182 Min Read

Rocksmith Welcomes Trivium with an Exclusive Matt Heafy Interview

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May 16, 20172 Min Read

Rocksmith Coming to iOS; Soft Launch Starts Today

Here's something you already know: Rocksmith is the fastest way to learn guitar or bass.

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March 20, 20173 Min Read

Rocksmith now offers more than 1,000 songs! Want to win them all?

Back in October, Rocksmith celebrated its 5th anniversary with a live concert at a legendary music club in San Francisco.

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December 13, 20163 Min Read

Rocksmith Now Supports Acoustic Guitars

Electric guitar is awesome - but it really only tells half the story.

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October 4, 20162 Min Read

Rocksmith 2014 Edition - Remastered is Now Available

Tell me, have you learned how to play guitar? For millions of Rocksmith players around the world, the answer is yes, and with the release of Rocksmith 2014 Edition – Remastered today, that number is primed to get even bigger.

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August 25, 20161 Min Read

Rocksmith 2014 Edition - Remastered Coming October 4

Whether you can't get enough Rocksmith or are thinking of picking it up to finally learn to play guitar, there's some exciting news on the horizon: Rocksmith 2014 Edition – Remastered is coming on October 4,

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April 1, 20162 Min Read

Watch the Co-Creator of Metalocalypse Play Rocksmith

Here at Rocksmith, we like Brendon Small. He's the co-creator of the hit animated series Metalocalypse, and the real-life guitarist who plays the licks and riffs of the show's band, Dethklok.

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